mrożone owoce

Freezing fruit or keeping summer for longer

I don't think anyone needs convincing about the benefits of freezing fruits and vegetables. At the moment we have free access to most seasonal fruit... Details
Jaki kształt umywalki wybrać?

What shape of basin should I choose?

The washbasin is one of the most frequently used pieces of home equipment, so it is important to purchase a product that will meet our... Details
Jak zapobiegać pojawianiu się w domu brzydkich zapachów?

How do I prevent bad odors in my home?

What's that smell? You sniff your nose and smell... What? You don't know where the bad smell is coming from or how to get rid... Details
triki na suszenie ubrań

How to dry laundry in the apartment? 3 interesting tricks

There are some people who like to do laundry, and what comes with that, and dry it. There are also and probably mostly those who... Details
Jak pielęgnować skórzane buty?

How to care for leather shoes?

Well-fitting leather shoes are a choice that will not disappoint. Many people are only able to feel really comfortable in such footwear. They are elegant... Details
Fit obiady do pracy – 3 przepisy

Fit lunches for work – 3 recipes

Without a balanced midday meal, you will lose energy, concentration, and productivity will inevitably suffer. Lunch is an opportunity to give your brain a rest... Details
Pomysł na zaaranżowanie sypialni w bloku

Ideas for arranging a bedroom in a block of flats

Living in a small space requires extra thinking and creativity. You need to consider things like smart solutions for storing things, arranging narrow spaces, and... Details
Czym i jak myć panele?

With what and how to wash the panels?

In many apartments, houses and offices floor panels are popular. No wonder, they perfectly imitate real wood, are easy to install and look really aesthetic.... Details
3 triki, dzięki którym w Twoich szufladach zapanuje porządek

3 tricks for keeping your drawers tidy

Drawers and their contents are the bane of many a housewife. It is difficult to keep drawers tidy and effectively encourage household members to do... Details
7 zastosowań cytryny, o których nie wiedziałeś!

7 uses for lemon you didn’t know about!

Do you use lemon in your tea and water for flavor? It has many more uses. From kitchen, to health, to beauty. Check out some... Details