Advantages of flannel bedding

Casandra Greer
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Flannel bedding is one of the most popular and most often chosen. And for good reason – it is soft, warm and very pleasant to the touch. Find out what other advantages flannel bedding has.

Flannel bedding is very often chosen for the bedroom because of the many advantages it has. You can find out what exactly characterizes bedding made of this particular material and why it is worth choosing it for your bedroom as well.

Flannel – what is this material?

Let’s start with what exactly flannel is. It is a very cozy and even softer fabric. Why is it so? Well, flannel is a fabric that belongs to the group of draped velours. This means that its soft fiber cover is formed by “scratching”. Flannel owes its softness also to another element of the process of its creation, which is the shearing of its surface. Moreover, it is woven in linen weave, thanks to which it becomes little susceptible to damage.

It is worth remembering, however, that flannel can be divided into two groups: cotton flannel and wool flannel. Wool flannel is used mainly to sew winter suits for men. When choosing flannel products, it is also worth paying attention to the quality of the material. The best flannel, which will serve you in an unchanged state for years, is the one imported from Italy. So it is worth paying a little more to enjoy bedding or clothing for longer than just one season.

Flannel bedding – what are its advantages?

So as you can see, flannel is an ideal material for bedding. What exactly are the advantages of flannel bedding? First of all, it is incredibly soft. Thanks to the special process of creating flannel, described above, it is a material extremely delicate, velvety and extremely pleasant to the touch. No wonder, then, that it is often chosen as a bedroom item

Moreover, it is a fabric characterized by considerable thermal insulation properties. So it will be perfect both for hot summer and cold winter. It will also be loved by all frostbitten people, because it is not only warm underneath, but also cozy. Moreover, despite its great softness, flannel bedding is extremely durable. You can wash it many times, but it will not lose its properties. However, it is worth remembering to wash it properly. It is not advisable to mix it with bedding sets made of other material or with clothes, towels and kitchen cloths

To preserve its softness for as long as possible, flannel bedding should also be washed only at 40°C, thanks to which it will retain its properties. Do not forget to add fabric softening liquid for rinsing. Without it, flannel bedding will deteriorate quickly and will serve you shorter. It is also worth remembering that flannel bedding should be ironed. It is best to do it while it is still wet, because it will be easier for you to iron out any creases.

So if you are looking for high quality bedding made of flannel, then be sure to take a look at the online store

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