What to look for when buying a hair mask?

Casandra Greer
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Daily hair routine should not be limited to washing, combing and styling. The most important thing is the care of our hair strands, based on nourishment, regeneration and strengthening. Irreplaceable for this are appropriate cosmetics. Special attention should be paid to hair masks.

Masks regenerate, nourish and strengthen hair much more strongly than conditioners, for this reason they are used on average every third or fourth wash. Their main task is to deeply penetrate the structure of the hair and transport active substances to improve the appearance of the hair strands, give them smoothness and shine or highlight the color. Unlike conditioner, the mask does not work only superficially, but effectively rebuilds the hair structure.

In drugstores we can find a huge selection of cosmetics. We match the mask to the needs of our hair, because it is the right choice that determines the improvement of its condition. Lanky hair needs different nutrients, while dry and damaged hair needs others.

Hair masks – division by the action of active substances

Both masks and conditioners can be divided into emollient, humectant and protein. This is the simplest and also the most important classification of hair cosmetics. In daily care we must take care of the balance between active substances – emollients, humectants and proteins. A deficiency or excess of any of the ingredients results in the deterioration of hair.

A deficiency of proteins makes hair dull, dull and lacking in volume. On the other hand, an excess of them contributes to frizzy and tangled hair. Protein masks regenerate and rebuild hair structure by replenishing keratin deficiencies. They work well for damaged and brittle hair. However, use them in moderation, as frequent use will result in stiffening of the hair.

Deficiency of emollients manifests itself in dry, rough, frizzy hair without shine. Oily, weighed down and frizzy hair is indicative of an excess of emollients. Although emollient masks are greasy, they are suitable for all hair types. They have a moisturizing and nourishing effect, smooth the hair and protect it from moisture loss and damage.

Deficiency of humectants is associated with dull, dry and shaggy hair, and excess – with frizzy and tangled hair. Humectant masks moisturize dry and dehydrated hair. Avoid them when humidity is high, as they can lead to frizzy hair.

Effective hair care should include the use of products from all three groups of cosmetics. Before buying masks, let’s look at our hair to know what it needs most at a given time. In cosmetics, look for moisturizing, regenerating and smoothing substances. It is best to use the different masks alternately.

What should good hair masks contain?

Before you buy a hair mask, look at its composition. Look for cosmetics that do not lack such ingredients as:

  • keratin – gives hair shine and smooths it,
  • lanolin – prevents dryness, has a smoothing effect,
  • panthenol – provitamin B5, protects, strengthens and rebuilds hair,
  • biotin – promotes the formation of keratin,
  • amino acids – accelerate hair growth and repair defects in its structure,
  • vitamins – inhibit hair loss, strengthen,
  • fatty acids – repair damage, slow down hair aging,
  • oils – are a source of valuable vitamins, minerals and flavonoids.

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