How to care for your skin after sunbathing?

Casandra Greer
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Lazy relaxation at the beach usually involves tanning and long exposure to the sun’s rays. If you don’t prepare your skin properly with skin care, instead of a nice tan you’ll be worried about dry skin

Skin exposed to UV rays definitely ages faster, dries out and forms dead skin. An essential activity right after sunbathing is to take care of your skin so as to provide it with all the necessary nutrients. Skin that lacks these ingredients will be prone to the formation of lesions and discoloration

Basic skin care

Before applying cosmetics, prepare your skin by cooling it with water. Do not choose extremely cold water to avoid thermal shock. Rinsing your body with lukewarm water will wash away any grit that remains on your skin. Products work most effectively when applied to dry skin. Residues of bronzing lotions and highlighting cosmetics can interfere with their effect

Cosmetics for application after sunbathing

Immediately after sunbathing, your skin needs deep moisturizing. It may be your favorite cream or lotion. It does not necessarily have to be a cosmetic intended for use after sunbathing. The important thing is that it deeply hydrates your skin and provides it with the ingredients it needs. The cosmetic you choose should meet 100% of your requirements

If you like a little glitter on your skin, opt for an after-sun cream that will moisturize and leave your skin with a bright film of shine.

One option that will definitely make your tan last longer is an after-sun lotion that extends your tan. This is a great solution for people who find it hard to keep the sun on their skin but want to enjoy the tanning effect for a long time.

There are formulas with golden particles and a bronze glow. NIVEA sun care lotion, for example, nourishes your skin and provides long-lasting moisture. Remember, however, that if the lotion is not waterproof, you should reapply it every time you get out of the water

Another product that will help you prepare your skin for the next sunbath is the soothing after-sun cream for sensitive skin. It’s ideal for allergy sufferers and people with a history of sunburns. The gentle formulation with aloe vera makes sure your skin gets all the ingredients it needs, and you don’t have to worry about sunburn and discoloration.

Moisturizing lotions

Cosmetics of this type are a great alternative to products designed only for after-sun use. Body lotions also do a great job of nourishing your skin. They reduce the amount of dead skin cells, increase the skin’s protective barrier and are very well absorbed. Choose cosmetics that will hydrate your skin for many hours. These are products containing aloe, avocado, coconut or macadamia oils

If you are not a fan of products in the form of a lotion, you can opt for a body milk. Such products have a more oily formula, so they reach even the deepest layers of the skin. Milks reduce skin roughness, moisturize and smoothen the skin after sunbathing.

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