How do I create perfect curls? A hairstyle without any appliances!

Casandra Greer
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Curls are a very glamorous hairstyle and a popular choice for big events. It is always fashionable and chic. However, we don’t always have the right equipment at home to do them. So how do you create curls without using a curling iron or straightening iron?

It’s still the hairstyle of choice for stylists. Natural curls with a slightly messy look can be achieved without using heat. What’s more, not using a curling iron or straightener will allow you to wear your curls every day without negatively affecting the condition of your hair. In the following article, we’re going to show you some great ways that you can easily use, and everything you’ll need you’re sure to have at home

How to make curls using toilet paper?

Everyone has paper towels or toilet paper at home. This is the main product that you will need to make those gorgeous cold curls. It will work great in the role of papillotes. Take a leaf of toilet paper and bend it so that it is about 2 cm wide. This will make the paper more resistant to breakage. If you use a paper towel, you can easily divide it into two parts, or even three if you use a large towel

When you have prepared about 20-30 papillotes. Divide your hair into equal parts. The thinner the strands you make, the finer your curls will be later. Start rolling your hair when it is slightly damp. If your hair is already dry, dampen it with a fine mist of water. Then roll up your hair as if you were wrapping it with the papillote, making a knot at the end. If you run out of frizz, you can easily make some more. Then you can wear them to bed or walk around for 3-4 hours. When your curls are ready, unwrap the paper curls and enjoy a storm of curls all day long!

Curls with crayons?

To make curls at home this way, you need pencil crayons. Unfortunately, candle crayons or other types can break too easily. If you don’t have pencils, use pencils, or maybe you have excess sushi sticks? These will also work great. Brush your slightly wet hair thoroughly, preferably using a comb. Then separate your hair into strands that are not too wide

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Take a styling pencil and roll up your hair from the roots like a noodle. Secure the end of the curling iron with a hair slide or a frog-style pin. Leave the hair in for about an hour or until completely dry. Remove the pencils gently and comb through your hair with your fingers only, no more combs or brushes. If you have only bobby pins, roll strands of your hair into rolls

Grab the ends of your hair and twist them until they form a serpentine shape. Then twist them into a snail shape and attach the bobby pin to the roots. In this case, also let your hair dry for an hour or until it is completely dry and only comb it with your fingers. The coolest thing about this method is that you can get stunning hair results very quickly

Curled Hair or a Stylish Hairstyle

If you have a fabric sports headband at home you should definitely try this method for homemade curls. Place the headband on your head evenly so that it covers your entire hair. Then one by one, separate strands of hair and wrap them around the headband. Keep twisting the strands until you have twisted all of your hair. This will create a garland of your hair, which is a great hairstyle in itself. This is a great hairstyle in itself. So when you only have a little time left, try this out. You can wear the garland for the first part of the event, and then surprise your guests with a wave of curls for the second part!

You can also wear this crown to sleep. When you detangle your hair, gently pull out strand by strand to avoid tangling your hair. Use hairspray for an even more pampering effect

Each of the above methods is very simple and you can easily create gorgeous curls on your head with them. By not using heat, you won’t damage your hair either. And best of all, you don’t have to take breaks to try out new styles, so you can pick a different one every day. Be sure to try them all!

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