How to start practicing yoga?

How to start practicing yoga?

It is best to start practicing yoga at home with the simplest relaxation and stretching asanas, which are not technically complicated and therefore suitable for... Details
What could be the reasons for fatigue?

What could be the reasons for fatigue?

Fatigue has become an integral part of everyone's life. Any exertion both physical and mental can cause a feeling of fatigue. What are the types... Details
Aerobics at home without equipment – an instant workout

Aerobics at home without equipment – an instant workout

Still dreaming of the perfect figure? If you got discouraged by long trainings and the gym is not for you, it's time to try aerobic... Details
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Physical activity in a pandemic – how to take care of it?

Physical activity is crucial for health and well-being. Unfortunately, sanitary restrictions related to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic do not make it any easier. How to provide... Details
Training in hot weather – what to watch out for?

Training in hot weather – what to watch out for?

Physical activity is very important, especially during the current home office. The problem is that we've just had a heat wave, and high temperatures and... Details
ćwiczenia w łóżku

Do these exercises without leaving your bed!

There are days when we really don't want to get out of bed and go for a workout. Nevertheless, it is not worth giving up... Details
Ból karku – jakie ćwiczenia wykonać w domu?

Neck pain – what exercises to do at home?

Tense and painful neck muscles are a common ailment. Sometimes it happens unexpectedly, e.g. due to overexertion, and sometimes it is the result of a... Details
Ćwiczenia na kręgosłup szyjny - szybka ulga!

Cervical spine exercises – quick relief!

Back pain is a serious problem. More and more adults experience this type of pain, and the first symptoms appear even before the age of... Details
Te ćwiczenia na uda szybko przyniosą korzyści!

These thigh exercises will benefit you quickly!

Do you dream of beautiful legs? You can easily turn it into reality at home! Learn 4 effective exercises for shapely thighs! There is no... Details
Trening kardio w domu - jakie ćwiczenia robić?

Cardio workout at home – what exercises to do?

Cardio training can be easily done at home. You don't need a gym for it, and the results achieved will be almost the same. In... Details