How do you start eating healthy?

Casandra Greer
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Doctors, dieticians and nutritionists urge people to eat healthy. It’s easy to say, harder to do. Most often, we link dietary change with a desire to lose weight and often rely when the results are not here and now. It pays to know what to do and what to avoid to start living a healthy life.

Use a plan

A healthy eating plan must first and foremost include foods you enjoy. It should include unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, seafood, legumes, nuts, and lean meats. They are rich in fiber (whole grains, nuts, beans) and protein (meat, fish, dairy, soy).

The first step is to wean yourself off processed, high-fat and calorie foods. Gradually replace them with healthier alternatives. Remember that the plan is not strict, do not treat it as an inviolable code. You can modify and adapt it to your needs.

Small steps

Don’t make radical changes overnight. Focus on taking small steps that will gradually allow you to reach your goal. Try changing your eating habits week by week in an undemanding way. Start by buying the right and healthy products, check recipes in a cookbook or online.


When we look at healthy meals, we see lots of colors, countless vegetables and fruits on our plates. Do you have to do that too? Don’t. It’s the Internet – that’s where it should look first and foremost. On your plate, first of all, it should taste good. Eat such vegetables and fruits that you like and such that will fit flavor to the whole composition, not those that just look.

You can compose meals from the simplest vegetables, which are most commonly used in Polish homes. It is important that you introduce into the diet a product that is low in calories and rich in vitamins and micro-and macroelements. If you have time and desire, you can experiment with the so-called “superfoods”, such as spirulina, but it is not necessary.

Do not demand too much

Besides changing your eating habits and eating healthy, we also have other goals, like losing weight. Don’t be too ambitious! Slow weight loss is much safer and healthier. Shedding even a few pounds can make a significant difference in your overall health, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Motivation is one of the keys to success, so it should be at a high level. Don’t treat dieting and healthy eating like a punishment or an unpleasant necessity. Making an effort at the gym or losing a few pounds deserves a reward.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, even when you fail. We are only human and failures happen to all of us. Just get up, rub your knees, get back on track and keep moving forward – towards your goal. When you make a mistake, learn from it. Learn about yourself and try to think of ways to avoid making another mistake.

Weight is not everything

Our attractiveness and self-esteem can be both a help and a hindrance. Dangerous emotions will come into play that can demotivate and discourage you. Try to approach the issue with reason!

Keeping a journal is one way to keep track of your nutrition. It will help you set a plan and stick to it.

Don’t base your success on losing weight in a certain amount of time. It’s important that you maintain a downward trend. Stay active and eat healthy. Even if the scale on the scale doesn’t reflect the hard work you put into the whole endeavor, don’t give up. The changes may not be visible from the outside, but inside your body is experiencing its best moments thanks to a healthy diet and increased activity.

Two heads are better than one

A common goal and mutual support will be a much more effective solution. Recruit a friend or family member to help you stick to your diet. Exchange recipes, interesting news from the world of health, go to workouts together. Let the new lifestyle be, above all, an interesting experience and fun.

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