What interiors do chandeliers fit into?

Casandra Greer
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Chandelier is a great solution that will work for all types of interiors. This type of lighting should not be associated with something expensive and outdated – modern models of chandeliers come in different styles, sizes and are affordable. Read what criteria to take into account to match the chandelier to the room and choose the best one for your home.

Chandelier for kitchen and dining room – a combination of design and functionality

Kitchen lighting is especially important if you spend a lot of time in it and cook a lot. When performing tasks such as cutting or peeling, it is important to have good lighting of the workspace. In this situation the following products will work well kitchen chandelierswhich are usually based on several light sources. When choosing the right one for you, pay attention to the number and model of bulbs that fit, the light output and the preferred light color (warm or cold). The luminous flux, usually specified in lumens, should be adjusted to the size and color scheme of the room, as well as the height at which the lamp is suspended. In addition, the chandelier should match the style of furniture and equipment so that everything together creates a coherent whole. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, the location of the chandelier is also important and should not interfere with your daily use of the kitchen.

If you are looking for an elegant chandelier for the dining room and plan to hang it over the table, adjust its diameter to the size of the tabletop. Try to choose a model containing more bulbs, because the dark surface of the table will partially absorb the light. When choosing a particular model, pay attention to whether it is made of high quality materials, which will ensure resistance to moisture, heat, and damage and make the chandelier easy to clean. If you like modern arrangements, bet on led chandeliers on a rope or wire, which will give the interior an industrial atmosphere. They are usually available in original shapes, which will surely draw attention of your guests and distinguish your interior from others.

Bedroom lighting – warm and atmospheric

The bedroom should be a zone conducive to relaxation and rest. With a textile chandelier you can create the right mood for it. If you like nature-inspired interiors, go for ecological fabrics and materials – a wooden chandelier is a perfect choice for such a bedroom. A very practical solution may be to buy a dimmable LED chandelier, which will allow you to perfectly adjust the brightness in the room. Choose a remote-controlled model to control the lighting without moving from your bed.

Lighting for children’s room – overcome the fear of darkness

Children’s chandeliers should be safe to use, functional and colorful. Their task is to chase away the fear of darkness, allow you to play at home on a sad, rainy day and provide optimal conditions for reading together before bedtime. The aesthetics of chandeliers should match the taste of little dreamers so that they feel at home in their room – models with animal figurines, among others, are very popular.

Classical and rustic style living room

To modern interiors rustic chandeliers will fit perfectly. They will add character and visually warm up the space. However, if you are a supporter of classic elegance, bet on a crystal or stained glass chandelier. No one will pass by it indifferently.

Main photo: CHUTTERSNAP/unsplash.com

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