How to make cotton balls? See how easy it is!

Casandra Greer
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Cotton balls are a very popular and fashionable interior decoration, which is gaining more and more supporters. In addition, it turns out that you can make it with DIY technique. Self-made cotton balls will not only decorate the interior but also provide satisfaction from the fact that you can make such decorations yourself.

What are cotton balls?

Cotton balls lights are nothing else than a chain of cotton balls in the form of charming lampshades. Not only do they look great but they can also be very useful. Thanks to them we obtain an additional source of light and the interior of our room becomes unusually climatic

Where to hang cotton balls?

Cotton balls chains are a fashionable addition to the decoration of a bedroom, living room or child’s room. They can be hung above the bed or on the wall – they bring cosy atmosphere everywhere. Fashion for cotton balls came to Poland from far Asia where these decorations were supposed to make interiors more friendly and less sterile. Following the same approach, we can adjust these luminous textile balls to various types of interiors. Cotton balls will look beautiful in minimalist interiors, as well as in glamorous arrangements

Why is it worth making cotton balls DIY?

Purchase of a short cotton balls in an online store costs approx. 50 zł. For longer pieces of course pay more. In practice, making such decoration in DIY formula is certainly cheaper. Differences in price here are not so huge however – we will save about 20 zloty. In addition, such decoration will serve us for a long time, so saving on it will not be great. So why make cotton balls yourself? First of all for your own satisfaction

What do we need to make cotton balls?

Making your own cotton balls requires you to gather a number of materials. These are:

  • christmas tree lights, preferably with a white cable – it is worth stocking up on these at Christmas time when they are much cheaper than in the rest of the season,
  • balloons of the size we choose,
  • scissors,
  • wikol glue (others can harden badly or even destroy the balloon),
  • gauze or bandage to cut into pieces

Making the decoration. How to approach it?

You should start by deciding what color you want to dye your ornament. Cotton balls do not have to be white – you can add dye to the glue. We start by inflating the balloons. Ideal will be small, inflated balls. Then cut the gauze into small pieces. Soak the pieces of gauze or bandage in glue and stick them evenly on the balloon. Usually two or three layers are needed

How long should the balls wait before working on them?

It is assumed that you need to wait up to 48 hours for the glue to fully cool and harden. After that, we need to pull out the rest of the balloons from inside. This is best done through the tying hole. The balls should be similar in size and shape, but they don’t have to be perfect

How to mount the lights in the balls of bandage and glue?

This is not a particularly difficult task. You have to use the holes left when you make the balls. If the holes are too big and objects fall through, you can help yourself by sewing a little

Where else can we use cotton balls?

This type of colourful decoration will look great on a balcony or terrace. You can also try combining cotton balls with solar lights

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