How to improve your mood in autumn? No more melancholy!

Casandra Greer
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Autumn can be beautiful, especially amidst the falling multi-colored leaves. Unfortunately, this is also the time when we get much less sun, we also inevitably think about passing. Finally, the temperature drops quite a bit, so it’s time to apologize with thick and less comfortable clothes. How to deal with the autumn gloom?

Plan your day well

How good is it to get up at the crack of dawn? To autumn, these song lyrics apply perfectly. The day is short, it’s getting shorter and shorter, and we often miss the sun rays, which help to fight the lowered mood. All the more reason to make the most of every hour of the day. After getting out of bed early and making a cup of aromatic coffee, it is worth thinking about the day in order to live it in a useful way. Of course, much of your time during the week will be taken up by work, but there are also your days off. They should be spent relaxing, but this does not mean that we should be bored. Let’s approach them creatively and not waste a single moment.

How to improve your mood? Anti-autumn playlist

When the autumn greyness surrounds us from everywhere, we should do everything not to give in to it. As a counterbalance to the gloomy sound of the rain behind the window, we can create an anti-autumn playlist, the sounds of which will fill the interior of our home. Favorite songs should be interspersed with those that are reminiscent of summer, such as Latin songs

Eat, but not necessarily sweets!

How to improve your mood in autumn? By eating. It happens that we treat our autumn sadness with sweets. Chocolate is considered to be the product which perfectly removes the unpleasant effects of the autumn weather. Unfortunately, its abuse is a half-measure, which may result in gaining more kilograms, then overweight and even bigger problems with self-esteem. Instead of sweets, it is worth including maximum amount of greens in your diet. Asparagus, broccoli or spinach is a large portion of, among others, vitamin B, which has a great impact on the nervous system. Not for nothing in Scandinavian countries, where the aura makes us even more depressed, we consume large amounts of cod liver oil. So it is worth including more fish in the diet. It is also good to eat walnuts rich in omega-3 acid

Do not give up physical exercise

Doing sport definitely improves the mood in autumn. Physical activity contributes to the secretion of serotonin in our body. Lack of exercise can directly cause our mood to drop. If we do not have much time to go to the gym and we prefer to stay at home, it is not harmful. It is enough to use a stationary bike, home treadmill or at least a set of exercises that you can do yourself on a mat at home. Of course, with all this it is worth going for a short walk every day to breathe fresh air

Meet people more often

An excellent cure for autumn low mood can be other people. Of course those whom we appreciate and like. It is worth making a movie night with friends. An excellent suggestion may also be watching vacation photos together. Very often it will promote the creation of plans for the next season, which will allow to survive in a better mood until the warmer season. What will be an attraction in the case of such a meeting can also be cooking together. So opt for dishes such as Mediterranean cuisine or something exotic, which is not at all associated with the Polish autumn

Take up some DIY projects

Do-it-yourself restoration of old furniture, scrapbooking or floral compositions of bouquets of autumn leaves or dried flowers can be a great activity that will keep you busy and will help you forget about the dullness just outside the window. An equally interesting option will be to beautify the space around you in such a way as to maximally distract our thoughts from the autumn dullness. For example, you can create a painting of reindeer moss and pieces of wood or pinecones. Later it will make a wonderful decoration on the wall

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