How to make a phone stand?

Casandra Greer
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While watching videos or long series of videos on the phone, after some time we would feel like relieving our hands.

It is often difficult to find a way to support the phone and give it any stability. A good solution is a practical stand in which we can easily place our phone. Here are some ways to make such a stand yourself!

LEGO construction

If you have a younger brother or sister, or maybe you keep your own collection of bricks from childhood – use LEGO to make a phone stand. This material gives a lot of possibilities – we can assemble the bricks in a simple way so that they simply support the phone at the right angle, or we can also try to awaken the engineer in ourselves and create an elaborate construction. It all depends on our imagination! And here are some examples of ideas for LEGO stands:

Use a toilet paper roll

The roll has enough cardboard to hold your phone. You might as well use a paper towel roll too – just make it a little shorter. Before you start cutting, you might want to give your future stand a little style – if only so it doesn’t look like a toilet prop. Cover the roll with colored paper, paint it with paints, use markers to create your favorite designs – decorate the item so that it is not only functional but also pleasing to the eye. After this stage, it’s time to give the roll a proper shape. Below a short instruction:

Use paper clips

Another way to construct a phone stand is to use paper clips. It can be made very simply, using just two clips that need to be properly connected. We can also choose more complicated configurations, from which we can create a functional stand. This is a particularly good option for those who do not like to spend time on additional decorating. Here are a few ways to prepare such a stand:

Version for the patient ones – origami

Paper gives us many possibilities. From this delicate material we can create a strong enough structure to support a smartphone. The origami technique will be helpful here. The origami stand will certainly look good and make an impression. However, it will take some patience to make it. If you want to give it a try, choose paper in your favorite color and follow the instructions below!

Cork stand

Another way to make a functional phone stand is to use wine corks. Cork is a material that will hold your phone well and that you can transform quite easily. For the simplest version, all you need is one cork and a knife to make a cutout for your phone. For slightly fancier designs, hot glue and a little more time will come in handy. Here are some examples of how to make a stand out of corks:

Cardboard is a particularly graceful material for constructing objects and decorations. We can easily mold it, glue the layers together to give it the right thickness and thus make it sturdy. Naturally, it will also work in the case of a phone stand. It is a material that we can also decorate, painting or gluing other materials. We have many opportunities to fold the cardboard so that it serves us to support the smartphone.

Self-construction of such a prop can be fun and an opportunity to activate layers of creativity, and for DIY enthusiasts simply a moment of pleasure. The simplest ideas will also work well for those who want to quickly create a stand and be able to use their smartphone more comfortably. You don’t need to buy special tools to make most of the above stands. We should be able to find the right materials easily in our homes.

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