How to organize the perfect house party?

Casandra Greer
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The current times have somewhat mobilized us to organize house parties. Not only can they be as much fun as a visit to a club, but also much more economical for our wallet. How to organize a great house party that everyone will remember for a long time?

Choose a theme for the party

Many people like parties with a theme. It can be the 90’s or a pizza party. A lot depends on our invention and willingness of our friends to have fun together. The theme of the perfect house party will make it much easier to choose the dress, or menu for such a party. Of course, it will also be easier to choose the music, which is very important.

Do not forget about snacks

Surely we remember the famous scene from the movie “Kogel-mogel”, in which Mrs. Wolanska, the heroine of the film, gives the guests sticks in high glasses. If you don’t want your guests to have just sticks in hand to chew on, check the party menu on culinary websites. This way you can be sure that your friends will leave the party not only satisfied but also full. For a party at home, small pizzerines, pasta salad with ham or mini sandwiches will be perfect. Any dish with which you can walk around the room and dance will be suitable for this type of party.

Drinks first

Sitting for a long time in an enclosed room and a lot of food – in such an atmosphere your guests will surely want to drink. Make sure to provide water, preferably with ice and lemon, and other beverages. They are also indispensable when we want to make colorful drinks for our guests. Of course, it is worth having bags of ice in our freezer, so that even with poorly chilled alcohol we can make a perfect drink.

Make sure the atmosphere is relaxed

A house party is not the time when everyone has to sit in a predetermined place with their hands on the table. Make sure that each guest has a place to sit, prepare some pouffes and pillows on the floor. A house party is a party in which a relaxed atmosphere is also important. Do not expect your guests to behave stiffly or to dress in ceremonial attire. Everyone should feel at ease – just like at home.

Music first of all

No house party is complete without a well-composed playlist. If the party has a disco climate or your friends are exclusively fans of heavy sounds, choose a playlist so that it perfectly fits the character of the party. You should also try to allow your guests to request the inclusion of a particular track. Great turn the party a small karaoke contest. If you have the right sound system and microphone, the party at an unexpected moment can turn into a karaoke home. It is also worth preparing for such an eventuality.

Take care of additional entertainment

A house party and getting together with your friends is great in itself, but it is also worth taking care of some entertainment in case the party mood subsides a bit . The perfect way to do this is to get some funny accessories from a photobooth and take some funny pictures of yourself. After a few drinks, even the most shy individuals will want to join in the fun. For sure, funny photos will be a perfect souvenir after the fun together. You can also spice up the party when you start playing cards or an interesting board game. Such entertainment will surely make you spend time in a nice atmosphere.

Let your guests decide what to do

Sometimes a party is best when you don’t stick to a strict schedule. You can let your guests decide for themselves what they want to do, and this can come in handy when you’re at a loss for ideas on how to entertain your guests. Maybe someone will find an interesting movie on Netflix or suggest a karaoke contest or cooking together when our snacks are over. Our guests will also be happy that the party went according to their plans and ideas.

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