What to look for when buying a hair mask?

What to look for when buying a hair mask?

Daily hair routine should not be limited to washing, combing and styling. The most important thing is the care of our hair strands, based on... Details
Blow-Drying Hair Head Down – Is It a Mistake?

Blow-Drying Hair Head Down – Is It a Mistake?

Some people believe that hair should be dried with the blow-dryer head down. This theory has many followers, who believe that it will give your... Details
How to care for your skin after sunbathing?

How to care for your skin after sunbathing?

Lazy relaxation at the beach usually involves tanning and long exposure to the sun's rays. If you don't prepare your skin properly with skin care,... Details
Jak zrobić peeling z cytryny? Domowy sposób

How to make a lemon scrub? Homemade

Regular exfoliation of the skin improves its condition - removing dead skin cells stimulates circulation and makes the skin brighter and healthier. See how to... Details
Body wrapping - na czym polega i czy warto?

Body wrapping – what is it and is it worth it?

Body wrapping has become a real hit in beauty parlors. What is most important, it can also be done at home. All you need is... Details
Jak dobrać kolor podkładu?

How do I choose my foundation color?

Foundation is definitely the foundation of a good make-up. With it, you can easily even out any imperfections and also make your skin more nourished.... Details
3 zasady dbania o skórę suchą w domowych warunkach

3 rules for taking care of dry skin at home

Does your skin dry out easily? Is it rough, unpleasant to the touch and unsightly? Learn the 3 principles of dry skin care that you... Details
Olejowanie włosów - jak przeprowadzić zabieg w domu?

Hair oiling – how to do the treatment at home?

Hair maniacs are crazy about oiling their hair. This simple hair care trick makes hair much stronger and shinier. To keep it that way for... Details
Domowe sposoby na wypadanie włosów

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem not only in women, but also in men and children. This unpleasant trouble appears suddenly or develops gradually, may... Details
Wiosenne paznokcie - TOP 5 inspiracji

Spring nails – TOP 5 inspirations

After months full of natural colors it's time for freshness and a breath of optimism. Nails in spring 2021 will be full of pastel colors... Details