How do I choose my foundation color?

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Foundation is definitely the foundation of a good make-up. With it, you can easily even out any imperfections and also make your skin more nourished. Since there are many foundation brands in the cosmetic market, there is the problem of how to choose the foundation color to look stunning

How to choose foundation color for skin?

Many women do not know how to choose the right foundation color for their skin. By choosing the perfect shade and type of foundation we can be sure that the makeup will not create a mask effect.

When choosing this cosmetic, it is important to check its consistency and to select it according to age and skin type. Not every foundation is ideal for dry skin, for example, which requires special care.

The right foundation for your age

In contrast to mature women, teenagers have a great problem with excessive oil secretion. In this case, a mattifying foundation will be suitable, which will also reduce the appearance of imperfections and blackheads. Women in their thirties should choose lighter products with an extra moisturizing and nourishing formula. At this time the skin produces much less collagen, so the foundation should also nourish the skin. After forty the ideal are fluids based on silicones, which fill wrinkles.

How do I choose a foundation? According to the skin type

  • acne-prone skin – a suitable foundation should be based on minerals, which have an antibacterial effect,
  • dry and normal skin – a moisturizing and light formula based on water. For women with irritated skin BB creams will work well,
  • vascular skin – fluid should be opaque, and at the same time have a slightly yellow tint or an addition of a green concealer, evening out redness.

Skin color

Skin color is crucial, especially if you do not know how to choose a foundation color for your skin. When choosing a foundation, it is important to know your own complexion. You can do this simple test yourself at home. A color analysis will allow you to select a foundation based on your own complexion. Place a large, silver aluminum foil on your face. If the foil makes your skin look fresh, your skin type is cold. Warm complexion types do not look so good when silver foil is placed on their faces.

Cool beauty types look best in porcelain, neutral or slightly pink shades. Women with dark hair are most likely to have this skin type.

Warm types, on the other hand, should opt for peach foundation with yellow pigment or a beige shade. Tanned skin looks great with olive-colored foundation.

Of course, the skin also changes when exposed to sunlight, so choose a foundation shade that is a tad lighter in the winter than in the summer when you are not tanning. This is when your complexion darkens slightly under the influence of sunlight. So keep two shades of foundation in your makeup bag because you can easily mix them to match your current skin tone.

How do I match my foundation color in the store?

When testing foundation in the store, many women make the mistake of choosing their wrists or the top of their hands instead of applying on their neck or jawline. These parts of the body are more likely to be exposed to sunlight, so it is easy to buy a foundation that is too dark. Testing cosmetics on the neck always works well. This way it is also easier to adjust it in terms of coverage and appearance.

The right foundation should:

  • match the color of your skin,
  • have good coverage, but without a masking effect,
  • be well absorbed, leaving a powdery finish,
  • have an ecological composition without unnecessary preservatives,
  • spread quickly over the skin.

How to choose the right foundation color for the time of day

For a foundation to look good on the skin, it is worth to choose it according to the time of day when you do your makeup. For a natural coverage you can use a less opaque product such as a BB cream or a mineral foundation with a light sheen during the day.

At night, on the other hand, the skin may be a bit more matte, because the makeup itself is more pronounced. Then it is worth choosing a mattifying fluid with stronger pigment.

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