Boating vacations – how to prepare?

Casandra Greer
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Are you dreaming of a beach vacation, but don’t want to be bothered by the company of rude tourists? Are you wondering how to spend a pleasant time with your friends? Rent a boat!

How to deal with seasickness?

Before you start your water adventure, make sure that it will be fun for you and not a chore. At least a few days before you set sail, spend some time on deck to get used to the rocking of the waves.

When severe nausea hits, lie down on the ground and take deep breaths, trying not to pay attention to the movements of the boat or what’s going on around you. If this doesn’t help with seasickness, you can always reach for the right medications. Remember, however, that you must take them before the start of your cruise, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Basic equipment

Start by assembling the essentials: a first aid kit, a lifebelt, and necessary medications. Garden gloves will come in handy for any rope tying activities, and non-slip shoes will provide comfort when navigating the slippery surface of the boat. A hand winch, on the other hand, will help you load the boat onto a trailer.

Do not bring large objects or tools on the boat. Bicycles, motorcycles and the like only take up valuable space that you have little of anyway.

What clothes to pack?

The rule is simple: the less, the better. You won’t be able to fit three large suitcases aboard a small boat, no matter what tricks to help fold clothes you know. Try to minimize your travel closet to three everyday outfits and clothing designed to protect you in certain weather conditions. It is also a good idea to choose one elegant outfit if you plan to visit a place during your trip where you want to show off your best side.

Don’t forget a comfortable sweater for colder weather, a raincoat, a swimsuit, and a baseball cap to protect you from a stroke. Sunglasses are a must. You can find clothing useful for sea travel at

Don’t forget the food

Your favorite treats won’t be easy to come by on a boat, unless you plan on stopping to shop on shore during your cruise. Therefore, make a decent stockpile of food before you set sail. Pay attention to the expiration dates of certain items. If you’re planning a longer vacation, think about stocking up mostly on dry foods like rusks and dried beef.

Useful items

In addition to the basics, there are a number of tools that are worth taking with you on a sea voyage. A compass and a coastal map are essential aids to navigation. Of course, don’t forget the necessary electronics accessories either – no one would want to realize while on vacation that their only charger was left at home, miles away.

Active recreation by the sea

Try fishing. Equip yourself with the right fishing accessories and grab a rod! Fishing is a great hobby for anyone who wants to feel at one with nature, and exercise patience and willpower. There is no better feeling than that slight hint of adrenaline when you eagerly wait for a fish to grab the bait. Not to mention the sense of satisfaction that a successful catch brings.

Remember, if you’re just getting started with this hobbie, you need to get a fishing license first.

If fishing isn’t your thing, you can always take advantage of the constant access to water in other ways. From lounging on the deck to diving with friends and having a competition of who can stay under the surface longer. Limitations only exist if you impose them on yourself!

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