6 DIY gifts for valentines day – handmade!

Casandra Greer
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No idea what to get your other half? Then do something yourself! Introducing … handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Heart-shaped cookies

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are supposed to be, above all, a source of smiles and love. Nothing makes you happier than a little sweetness… Bake heart-shaped butter cookies and decorate them with ribbons or place them in a decorative package.

A jar filled with beautiful words

What do you love your partner for? Write down dozens of reasons on cards and place them in a jar. Such a gift is a lot of fun!

Bags full of love

For this idea you need small bags of natural material and paint or special markers for fabric. On each of them draw something that you associate with Valentine’s Day. Put sweets inside.

Coupons – perfect for a pandemic

There is a pandemic going on, so any outings to the cinema or restaurants are not possible. However, it is worth preparing Valentine’s Day coupons on your own, to use later.

Nice words on cards

Small gestures are the best. Write something nice on pink note cards. Put them in the form of a heart on your bathroom mirror!

Valentine’s Day gift basket

Among handmade Valentine’s Day gifts you couldn’t miss reeds. In fact, you can prepare them from different materials – puzzles, pom-poms, ribbons.

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