How to care for leather shoes?

Casandra Greer
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Well-fitting leather shoes are a choice that will not disappoint. Many people are only able to feel really comfortable in such footwear. They are elegant and definitely practical – this material will not deteriorate as much as others, so your beloved shoes will stay with you for a long time. However, a problem arises that many reject from buying leather shoes. How to take proper care of them? It is true that they need a bit more care, but they will definitely repay you for it

What to remember before buying them?

The most important thing when it comes to new shoes, no matter what material they are made of, is size. In the case of leather shoes, this is doubly important because it is very easy for shoes that could serve you for years to deform. With time, they will fit your foot, but – in order not to accidentally buy too small a size – it is important to measure shoes in the afternoon or even in the evening, when your foot is already tired. Shoes measured in the morning, on a well-rested foot, may turn out to be too small.

Step one: waterproofing

This practice has been used for a very long time, fortunately today we are able to buy the right product in the store. Waterproofing leather shoes is a guarantee of their survival. Remember to waterproof your shoes before applying them for the first time! There are a whole bunch of impregnating agents available in shoe stores, both classic ones and those that protect against dirt or moisture

If you think that you will not need impregnation, because you will wear shoes once or twice a year, on special occasions, you will quickly be disappointed. Impregnation also prevents warping of the leather of your shoes, which have been standing for too long in a cupboard. To be sure to waterproof your shoes well, rub the product into the shoes until the leather stops absorbing it and a layer of it remains. Then you can safely consider that your shoes have been successfully impregnated. Congratulations!

Step two: shoe filler

You may still be familiar with the old wooden fillers that were placed in shoes, called correctives? Today, shoe fillers are still used, and you can get them at any shoe store. It’s a good idea to purchase them along with your new shoes so they fit well. Men’s half-shoes, women’s half-shoes, or any other type of leather footwear – you’ll fit a different filler for each, and you should put them in your shoes whenever you put your shoes away in the closet.

Step three: polish and shine

Leather shoes can be either matte or shiny. Each type should be cared for differently. Shiny leather should be properly cleaned and then polished with an impregnator. Matt leather, on the other hand, should be lubricated from time to time, e.g. once a week, with a special paste intended for this purpose. The most appropriate will be pastes, which simultaneously protect the color of the footwear

Fourth step: cleaning

Leather shoes should be taken care of in various ways, so do not forget to clean them properly. For everyday shoe cleaning, a cotton cloth will be the best; for dirt in hard-to-reach places, use a special brush (e.g. for suede – a rubber brush). When it comes to specifics for cleaning leather shoes, there are plenty of them. You can easily find creams in the color of your shoes, shampoos and sprays are also popular. With the right wax, you can not only clean your shoes, but also protect them from moisture. It is also good to remember to clean the inside of your shoes properly. An antibacterial spray will work great for this, keeping the shoes clean, disinfecting them and protecting them from fungi and bacteria.

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