DIY: How to make a candle?

Casandra Greer
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Self-made candle can be a great idea for a gift. Thanks to it for sure in an interesting way we will manage to make a decoration, also for the Christmas table. Making a candle is very simple and doesn’t take much time.

What do we need to make our own candles?

To make your own candle you need wax, a pot with a thick bottom, a bowl for melting the wax, food colouring – food colouring can also be used, a mould, thick string and a hair dryer. If the candle is to be decorative, you can also prepare something that can be embedded in the wax. These can be small stones, coffee beans or seashells. Lemon peel will also work well and add a lovely aroma.

How to make a candle by yourself?

First, you need to heat the wax from a water bath. Fill the pot with water, and put a bowl on it that fits its width. In it we place the wax and connect the burner under the pot. Wait until the wax melts. Then prepare the mold and the objects that are to be dipped in the wax. As a mold you can use for example a silicone mold or a plastic cup. A candle will also look perfect in a glass with a thick bottom. Place lemon peels, coffee beans, or seashells in the bottom of the mold. To the still warm wax you can add fragrance oil and lemon peels. Cardamom, a pinch of cinnamon or cake fragrance such as vanilla can also work well. If you want the candle to have a particular color, add a small amount of food coloring and mix it all up with a spatula

Then carefully hold the wick and pour the wax into the mold. You can also use a laundry clip to hook the wick to. The paper clip is then rested against the edge of the mold. This method is much safer and allows us to pour the wax into the mold more easily. Once you have poured all of the wax mixture inside, use a spatula to even out the surface of the wax. Now you should wait for it to cool down.

What fragrance oils can I choose for my candle?

You can add different kinds of fragrance oils to your handmade candle. A candle that can be used in the bedroom or bathroom for relaxation, for example, should have a lavender scent. Lavender has a calming and soothing effect. Also for a candle, which we light during a long bath, it is worth choosing rose oil. For allergy sufferers and people with concentration problems or blocked sinuses, we suggest eucalyptus oil. You can also choose peppermint oil, which has a fresh and quite intense aroma, making it perfect for the kitchen or dining room. You can add a bit of lemon peel to such a candle to enhance the freshness effect.

Apart from moulds, what else can we use as a vessel for a candle?

If a candle is to have a decorative character, you can use a jar of a nice shape or, for example, a crystal glass. If we pour the wax into a crystal glass. Jars of tomato paste or preserves will also work well for small candles. To add a decorative touch we can tie them with a ribbon or a linen string.

How to decorate a candle?

A homemade candle can be decorated by using decorative elements that are dipped in wax. Fruit peels or coffee beans, for example, look very nice. There are also ready-made motifs available in paper stores. Small snowmen or snowflakes, decorative beads or balls will surely decorate our candle perfectly. There are also stickers that can be glued on the candle after it is taken out of the mold . You can also buy markers and candle pen, thanks to which you will be able to leave your own inscription on the fresh wax. Such a handmade gift will surely steal the heart of the gifted person.

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