How do I properly brew coffee in a coffee maker?

Casandra Greer
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Only coffee brewed in a café will meet the expectations of connoisseurs. However, not everyone knows how to use it, so here’s how to do it properly. Where to start?

What is a coffee maker?

These are pressure devices, kettles, thanks to which we can prepare aromatic coffee in our own home, similar to that from a good café. They are quite inexpensive and have recently been gaining popularity, to which the pandemic has probably contributed in part. The resulting coffee has a taste similar to espresso.

Simple rules

Despite appearances and the seemingly complicated appearance of the coffee maker, brewing coffee in it is not that difficult, although nowadays there are devices available on the market even with a milk frothing function. Here is a step-by-step guide to using a traditional coffee maker, along with the necessary recommendations and tips.

The right amount of coffee

Grind the coffee just before use so that it retains its unique strong aroma. You can buy pre-ground coffee if you don’t have a grinder. Grind the beans finely, but not too finely. The whole mixture should resemble sugar, not powdered sugar, otherwise the coffee will not brew. Measure the right amount of grind, but do not overdo it. A sieve can help – before grinding, measure the beans with it. For strong coffee, the beans should reach to the edge of the container. If you want a milder coffee, put in a little less beans. Then gently level the whole thing with your finger, removing the excess from the edges, trying not to beat it (then the coffee may come out bitter).

Add water

Pour boiled water into the bottom of the coffee maker to the appropriate height (below the safety valve). It is best to use water that is already hot so that the coffee is free of bitterness, although some connoisseurs suggest unboiled water. Be careful not to add too little or, worse, too much – the safety valve is needed to maintain proper water pressure. Before putting the coffee maker on the fire, make sure it is tightened.


The lid can be opened so that we can observe when the correct pressure is built up (this is when the liquid starts to flow into the upper container). Close the lid and brew depending on your preference and the type of beans used, generally up to 5 minutes. It’s worth experimenting with the time, keeping the coffee longer and shorter, to see which will taste best.

Using a filter

One more trick is worth mentioning. The coffee particles get from the strainer into the brewed liquid. There aren’t too many of them, but if this is an obstacle for you and you’d like to get a coffee that looks clear, without any ground coffee particles, it’s worth getting an aeropress filter. Before using it, wet it with water and then apply it to the top strainer.

For the coffee connoisseur

An aeropress is an essential accessory for every coffee connoisseur. It is relatively simple to operate: fill the lower part with hot water, insert the coffee strainer and close it with a jug. The coffee obtained in the café has a distinctive and full flavour, it is not similar to ordinary home coffee. You just need to prepare properly and remember a few tricks (such as hot water).

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