How to clean so as not to waste time?

Casandra Greer
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Cleaning can be very tiring for us. Fortunately, there are ways to do it efficiently and not waste much time. Let’s check out the best ways to clean your apartment quickly.

Start by throwing away unnecessary things and vacuuming the furniture

Many people start cleaning by throwing away unnecessary trash or items and then start cleaning furniture and countertops. It doesn’t make sense to clean the countertops without emptying them because you won’t be able to properly clean all the nooks and crannies by vacuuming in between things. To make the cleaning even quicker, make sure that there are as few trinkets as possible on the tables or sideboards. These should also be vacuumed, which will significantly increase our cleaning time. At the beginning of cleaning , put things away, arrange them and throw away garbage, which for example is lying on your desk. If you sweep or vacuum the floor first, you won’t waste valuable time cleaning the floor again.

Do several things at once

If you have a washing machine or dishwasher, try to put the laundry or dirty dishes in the dishwasher at the beginning of your clean-up. Not only will this greatly reduce the amount of stuff that’s probably sitting on chairs and countertops, but you can also do other things while the laundry and dishes are being washed.

Remember the order

How to clean in order not to waste time? Many people senselesslyperform several activities in the wrong chronological order, which makes the effectiveness of the time spent on cleaning significantly decrease. Remember, for example, to mop the floor first and only then wash the toilet, because the water poured from the bucket will dirty it again.

Use cleaning products before you start cleaning to make it easier to deal with the dirt

Before you start cleaning the toilet, it is a good idea to pre-spray the cleaner and spread the limescale remover in the toilet bowl, bathtub, sink, etc., for example, several minutes before you plan to clean. In this way, dirt and limescale will come off much faster and cleaning them will take much less time.

Try to clean “in between”

Regularity is very important in various aspects of life, also in cleaning. If you put things away on a regular basis, you won’t clutter up your home. Let’s regularly turn on the washing machine and dishwasher with dirty things, empty the trashcan and turn on the vacuum cleaner. Waiting for the weekend, when we usually plan general cleaning, isa mistake. It’s better to spend a few minutes cleaning each day of the week than to spend your entire day off cleaning up clutter

Sort out all of your belongings

When you’re tidying up, try to organize your things so that you can find them more easily when you need them. Use clothes baskets or special organizers for underwear in your closet so you don’t have to search for your favorite things and can store them more easily after washing. By the way, we can get rid of things that we don’t wear anymore for a long time.

Involve everyone in the household

Nowadays, many people work in home office mode. Some still work in the office. You can divide the duties so that those people who don’t work remotely can also help with the cleaning. After the work duties are done, we can take care of the house and clean some of the rooms, and leave the rest of the household members who come back from work to, for example, mop the floors or throw away the garbage. It is also worth making a schedule and setting cleaning rules so that everyone tries to keep things tidy.

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