How to dry laundry in the apartment? 3 interesting tricks

Casandra Greer
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There are some people who like to do laundry, and what comes with that, and dry it. There are also and probably mostly those who do it out of necessity. For both of them we have today 3 interesting tricks how to better and more efficiently deal with drying our laundry.


There are some things that we always have a problem with once we take them out of the washing machine. These are, for example, sheets or bedclothes, which can take up the whole dryer, and when washing more than one set, there is absolutely no room for them. These “large” items should be hung on the door of the room. There they will dry faster and won’t get crumpled.


Small laundry such as socks or underwear will dry quickly on the radiator. If the radiator is not too big, you can invest in a special small dryer that you mount on the radiator. This is also a good option if you don’t have room to set up a large dryer in your apartment.


When you’re washing shirts and clothes that crease easily, dry them right away on hangers. Also remember to shake them out before you hang them up. This will straighten out any fine creases and give you less to work with when ironing.

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