How to wrap a gift in paper?

Casandra Greer
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Gift wrapping seems simple on the surface, but when you get right down to it, it may not be so easy. Here is our step-by-step guide!

Wrapping gifts in paper – step by step

To wrap a gift in paper you obviously need a sturdy material. It is best if it is quite thick, then you can be sure that no holes will appear during gluing. Prepare also a tape, classic or double-sided. The second option is certainly more aesthetic. You will also need decorations, such as bows, ribbons and labels.

Prepare a suitable piece of paper. It should completely cover the gift at the wider edge of the gift, and at the shorter sides it is best to leave a reserve, which will perfectly cover the sides.

Begin by flipping the gift so that the front of the gift is on the bottom. This means that you will be gluing in the spot that is theoretically the back of the gift. This will make all the seams invisible.

Next, wrap the wider side of the gift, first one, then the other. Do this fairly tightly so there are no nasty surprises later. Tape the paper down, roughly in the middle of the gift. Do the same with the other side.

That leaves the sides of the gift, which can be quite a challenge. Fold the top part down, along the narrower side of the gift. Now it’s time for the side paper remnants, which should cover the side – on one side and on the other. Fold them to the middle and glue them in place. Now you will see how important it is to prepare the right size of the gift paper – if you do it correctly, it will fit perfectly.

Finally, it remains to put on the remnant, which is such a triangle or trapezoid. You can shape it in such a way as to possibly get rid of the unevenness. Now do the same with the other shorter side and you’re done!

Inspirations for gifts wrapped in paper

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