How to become a fashion designer?

Casandra Greer
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Are you interested in the world of fashion and dream of designing your own collections? Find out how you can become a fashion designer. Here are some tips

In addition to art colleges, the educational program for future fashion designers is offered by many colleges and private companies that organize special courses. Some specialists also point out that in addition to technical skills, a good designer should have the right artistic aptitude. How to get them? What should a future designer learn? We invite you to read about it

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Where to learn fashion design?

You can learn the skills needed for this profession at organized comprehensive courses. Education in clothing design is also offered by many post-secondary schools, art colleges and tailoring technicians. If you want to achieve a high level of design skills, it is best to study at universities – the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Warsaw, or Wroclaw offer specialized courses dedicated to clothing design

What skills should a fashion designer have?

The easiest way to say: talent. – Of course, but it is not everything, and even without a particularly conspicuous talent, we can develop the appropriate skills to perform the profession of designer. What can a fashion designer and what does he learn at courses and schools? First of all:

  • cutting and sewing,
  • drawing,
  • styling,
  • operation of graphic programs for clothing design,
  • material science,
  • history of art and clothing.

Is theoretical knowledge about the history of clothing and art really necessary for a modern fashion designer? Absolutely! Currently, the job market seeks mainly creative designers, and a rich theoretical background and broad knowledge can help in creating new original designs. As Pablo Picasso used to say: “Learn the rules like a professional to be able to break them later like an artist”!

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How to start working as a fashion designer?

We should have no illusions – competition is high and market demands are constantly increasing. Therefore, to find a rewarding job as a fashion designer in a fashion company, perseverance, determination and commitment are necessary. To start with, it is worth looking for internships and apprenticeships that will allow you to get to know the industry and the fashion world better. If you are thinking about your own business, it is essential to have an idea about yourself and your brand. To attract the attention of customers with your own work and break through in the market, we must offer something that will be needed or desired.

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