Online recruitment – how to prepare for it?

Casandra Greer
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Online recruiters have become popular these days. They allow the interview to be conducted quickly and easily. The candidate does not have to travel anywhere, or take a day off work, and the recruiter can conduct the interview regardless of where he or she is at the moment. For many, online recruitment has become an everyday occurrence that they need to learn to function in

Online recruitment – what does it look like?

The purpose of remote recruitment is the same as its standard counterpart. The main task of a recruiter is to check the skills and qualifications of a candidate for a given position. During the interview a recruiter uses such tools as

  • video call,
  • voice connection,
  • databases

Today, this form of interview is to be expected. Job postings and sending resumes have long since moved to the Internet. So it is not surprising that we are now dealing with remote job interviews

Often only the first stage of the interview is by phone. Then the recruiter asks questions that directly affect the rejection or approval of the application. In this case, the issue is simple. Telephone recruitment does not cause major problems. All we need is a moment of free time.

Sometimes the recruitment is based on taking a test or performing tasks on an Internet platform. The candidate then gets access to the database of a given corporation and solves the test. Most often there is a specific time for this, usually 45 minutes. Only on this basis, the next stage of recruitment is organized

Prepare for online recruitment

Audio or video interview can be as stressful as the one in person. In this case, the candidate’s “absence” may work against him. During such an interview there is no place for non-verbal signals, such as smiles. Acceptance for a job depends on experience, knowledge and the way it is communicated to the recruiter

Answers to frequently asked questions

If you want your interview to take place in a less stressful atmosphere, you need to prepare properly. A standard recruitment interview consists of fixed elements, i.e. an introduction, then questions about the candidate, the job, negotiations and a summary of the whole. During the introduction, the recruiter usually asks you to tell something about yourself

This stage is intended to reduce stress and relax the atmosphere. Then comes the time for questions about your skills, experience, expectations and perceptions about the job. After the questions are asked, the interviewer begins to talk about the job. This part is informative. If all goes well, the rest of the interview will go down to salary and hours. Remember to answer these questions yourself. The recruiter must not surprise you. You also can’t think too long or give an inflated salary amount. This may result in rejection of your application

Choose a meeting place and make sure it’s quiet

After scheduling the interview and pre-preparing your answers, you need to choose a comfortable place. A room where you will be alone, bright lighting and a uniform background will work to your advantage. It’s best if you conduct the interview in silence and make the video call close to a window. There should be a wall behind you. Clutter, tissues or piles of clothes should not be visible. The online conversation should be treated with due respect and seriousness. When it comes to silence, it’s a good idea to take care of it. Tell your housemates or roommates that you have an interview and need a moment of silence. Few people have the comfort of an independent apartment or quiet room. Moreover, for this time, don’t turn on music and mute your phone

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Behave professionally

The online interview, although less formal, is still a key stage of the recruitment process. During the video interview, behave professionally. Sit up straight, answer in complete sentences, don’t throw jokes around, and don’t hold something in your hands. The recruiter needs to get the impression that you really care about the job. As far as your dress is concerned, we recommend that you wear clothes that match the smart casual style. It must be comfortable, yet elegant. You don’t know what the recruiter will ask you and whether you will have to get up from your computer for a while. It is better not to ruin your chances for a job with this minor shortcoming

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