Hair on furniture and clothes – how to get rid of it?

Casandra Greer
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For many people, a home without pets is very empty. Everyone wants to have a pet. However, having one is not only a pleasure, but also a responsibility. Cats and dogs change their fur twice a year. How to effectively clean the carpet, clothes and furniture from it?

How do I get rid of pet hair on my carpet?

Most hair is left on the carpet. This looks unsightly and is unhygienic. A carpet that is not thoroughly cleaned looks and smells bad and can even be quickly damaged.

A homely and inexpensive way is to clean the carpet with a rice brush. It has thick and hard bristles that pick up pet hair perfectly. This way of cleaning the carpet is very labor intensive and tiring.

Vacuum cleaner for hair allows you to quickly and conveniently get rid of the hair from the carpet. It is worth choosing models with turbo brushes. They allow you to clean the carpet more thoroughly. An emergency way to remove hair from small areas is a hair roller.

How do I remove hair from my clothes?

Hair on clothes (especially dark ones) is the bane of many dog and cat owners. There are several ways to remove hair from clothing, you can use:

  • anti lint balls – these are Velcro balls that are washed together with the clothes covered with hair. When using this solution, you need to adjust the number of balls to the amount of laundry. The balls remove hair from clothes and protect the washing machine filter from damage;
  • washing machines with the pet function – this function is available in the latest models of washing machines;
  • clothes roller – it is very safe and the easiest solution;
  • self-adhesive tape – just stick it on the places where there is hair and tear it off after a while;
  • rubber gloves – use slightly dampened rubber gloves to wipe the clothes. Such gloves are great for removing hair;
  • sponge moistened with rinsing liquid – a sponge soaked in rinsing liquid has anti-static properties. It is enough to rub the places covered with hair.

How do I remove hair from furniture?

If your pet moves about the house vigorously, its hair, along with dust, will fall on the furniture. While removing hair from cabinets, cupboards and windowsills is not a problem (just use the right products), removing hair from the couch can be a challenge.

To remove hair from couches and armchairs, a hair glove will come in handy. It’s very practical – just put it on your hand and comb the surface with it. Another way is to use a special vacuum for hair. Before vacuuming your furniture, it’s a good idea to sprinkle baking soda on it to absorb the smell.

A very popular way to remove hair is with a dust brush. It is electrostatic, so it picks up dust and dander quickly.

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