With what and how to wash the panels?

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In many apartments, houses and offices floor panels are popular. No wonder, they perfectly imitate real wood, are easy to install and look really aesthetic. However, it is necessary to take care of them in order to characterize their long life. Check what and how to clean the panels.

Regular cleaning of panels

Floor panels should be washed regularly, preferably 2-3 times a week. You should also remember to remove stains on a regular basis. If you spill tea or water, it is better to get rid of the puddle immediately and then wipe the surface dry. This will prevent the floor panels from swelling and thus causing damage. In heavily used areas, such as the entrance to an apartment or around a desk where a swivel chair is used, it is worth using special rugs or mats . Equipment on wheels should have special rubber pads, so they do not harm the panels.

Remember also that grains of sand, pebbles or other dirt visible to the naked eye can scratch the surface of panels. That is why dust and dirt should be cleaned immediately

How to clean laminate floors?

Floor panels are much easier to clean than, for example, wooden planks. These require special preparations, thorough care and regular maintenance. Of course, water must be used to clean the panels, but there must not be too much of it. The mop should be damp and not dripping wet. It should therefore be thoroughly drained. A flat mop or a rotary mop will be perfect for washing the panels

Among the household cleaning products for washing the panels is water with vinegar. You only need a few tablespoons for a whole bucket. If you are annoyed by the smell, you can add a little lemon juice or fragrance oil. This method is effective when it comes to cleaning the panels as well as polishing them

For cleaning laminate flooring you should of course use products intended for this type of flooring. It is worth choosing those that do not form foam, and also have a pleasant, non-irritating smell. Always use the amount of detergent that is indicated on the packaging. Too much detergent can damage your floor panels and also make streaks appear on the floor. If you don’t have a dedicated floor cleaner, you can use traditional dishwashing liquid. Two drops per entire bucket will suffice.

A good way is to clean the panels with a special mop that generates steam. This kills harmful bacteria and dirt, plus you don’t have to use chemicals

Washing laminate panels step by step

How to clean laminate? The first step is to thoroughly vacuum the entire apartment. This is done, of course, with a traditional vacuum cleaner, which will absorb even the smallest dirt. Remember to do it right after wiping dust from the dresser, table or TV. The order of cleaning in your home is very important. If you vacuum the floor first and then get down to cleaning other surfaces above it, dust and debris will be back on the floor.

Next, soak your mop in water with detergent and drain thoroughly. Wash the panels according to their alignment so that no streaks are visible. Ensure that the panels dry quickly, so open the window while cleaning

Floor panels can tarnish over time. That’s why it’s a good idea to use ready-made shine preparations or prepare one yourself. Just pour 4 cups of water, 1 cup of vinegar and 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. The whole mixture should be mixed, and then spray the floor panels with the mixture. After this procedure, it is necessary to polish them with a dry cloth.

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