How to make a dog bed yourself?

Casandra Greer
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When a small, four-legged friend arrives at home, it is important to make sure you have the right place that will become his safe haven. A dog bed should be comfortable, easy to clean and made of durable materials. A dog bed can be very easily made by yourself.

Where to start?

Before we get down to work, we need to determine what dimensions the bed should have. This way, we will know how much material we will need. The bed should not be too big, as dogs are herd animals that sleep in groups, so the bed should be surrounded by walls, for example

To find out the dimensions of the bed that will work best for your pet, it is best to measure him when he sleeps in his natural position. To get the ideal dimensions for the bed, add approximately 20 cm to the measurement.

Dog beds without sewing

If you want to make your own dog bed, you do not need to have sewing skills or a sewing machine. There is a simple method that will allow you to create a comfortable bed for your pet using materials that almost everyone has at home

To make a bed you will need

  • pillows-the number of pillows depends on what dimensions you want the bed to be,
  • two blankets or other pieces of material,
  • scissors,
  • stapler.

Making a bed step by step

Once you have prepared the above-mentioned materials you can proceed to making the bed

Step one

Both pieces of material should be cut to fit the planned dimensions of the bed plus 10 centimetres on each side. If the bed is to measure 120 × 100 centimetres, you should get pieces of material measuring 130 × 110 centimetres

Step two

Join the previously prepared pillows together using a stapler. When choosing pillows for your pet’s bed, go for those that best fit the planned dimensions. For a bed measuring 120 x 100, two pillows measuring 60 x 50 centimetres are ideal

Step three

Lay two layers of fabric on a flat surface so that they lie on top of each other. Use scissors to cut about 10 centimeters deep into the edge of the fabric to create à la fringe. Remember to leave small gaps between the cuts

Step Four

Insert the cushions that have been pinned together between the two layers of fabric

Step Five

Tie the notches you made earlier, thus joining the two layers of material along the entire length of the bed. It is best to make knots in the fabric to prevent it from coming loose

Where should I place the bed?

Once you have prepared the dog bed, you will need to find a suitable place for it. Remember that your dog needs peace and quiet, so it is best for the bed to be situated away from passageways or front doors where smells and moving household members may disturb his rest. The bed should not be in a separate room that is locked during the day. The dog should be able to join other household members at any time

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