How to arrange a large garden space in an interesting way?

Casandra Greer
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A large garden offers many design possibilities. If you have undeveloped space and no idea how to use it, this article is for you. Read the ideas collected by the editors and make changes in your garden

Garden pool

A good quality backyard pool is a luxury you’ll thank yourself for on hot days. When considering purchasing a pool, consider the fact that private swimming pools don’t offer the same comfort and privacy as pool gardens. Recently, the cost of purchasing and installing a pool has come down quite a bit, making many property owners eager to invest in private pools.

A garden pool is also a great attraction for children. Larger models of pools can accommodate up to a dozen people and are great for swimming enthusiasts. You’ll find pools on the market that can also be customized to fit custom property dimensions. When it comes to materials, garden pools are usually either constructed of steel or made of durable, three-layer PVC.

Garden furniture

The large space in the garden also allows you to arrange a cozy corner to relax, which will accommodate the whole family. It will be perfect during the holiday season, as well as during the barbecue season. Hanging rocking chairs and garden swings with canopies are a constant hit when it comes to garden furniture. If you enjoy barbecues and spending time in the garden, you should also invest in a set of folding wooden furniture, including a table, chairs and a folding parasol. Seating sets made from pallets and rattan sets with canopies are also practical alternatives to chairs. Modular seats and sofas can be freely combined with each other, depending on your needs. On the terrace, on the other hand, the following sets are perfect technorattan cratesa large garden plot is more susceptible to damage from overexposure to rain and snow

If you’re looking for a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to separate your chosen garden or terrace space, choose a wooden or metal pergola. Thanks to a partition overgrown with flowers, you will separate an intimate resting area, as well as provide yourself with shade and create an amazing atmosphere. Make sure to have an elegant cart nearby for chilled drinks and cocktails.

Garden attractions for children

A sizable garden can also include a practical playground for your children. Separate a toddler space from your garden and equip it with a sandbox, garden swings and a slide. Children will also love a playhouse or garden tent where they can hide their toys and play, sheltered from the strong sun

Gazebos and tents

An alternative to buying covered furniture is to invest in a gazebo or extendable garden tent. If you decide to put a gazebo near your house, it’s worth making sure it matches the elevation of the building. Garden designers also recommend matching the style of the gazebo to the character of the garden, e.g. a Provence-style gazebo will not go well with a Japanese-style garden

Protecting the garden against weeds and pests

A large plot of land is more susceptible to pests and weeds because it is more difficult to maintain good soil conditions. The mulching process can be helped by agrotkanina and agro-textile mulching and covering. Materials of this type used in gardens allow to strengthen the root system of plants and protect plants from frost.

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