How to improve the taste of mineral water?

Casandra Greer
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Drinking water is a daily ritual that affects our health, well-being, and even the appearance of our skin. However, not everyone likes drinking it because it is actually tasteless. How to improve the taste of mineral water to make it better?

Lemon, cucumber and mint – not a bad trio

The most popular way to make mineral water tastier is to put lemon slices into it. You can also add the refreshing taste of mint, which is especially useful in summer. Adding sliced cucumber to lemon and mint is also an interesting solution.

You can also prepare a refreshing lemonade. Just dissolve 2 tablespoons of brown sugar (or honey) in water and then enrich it with the juice of two lemons and one lime. This combination is perfect for summer!

Other mineral water recipes

How to improve the taste of mineral water so that you drink it regularly and with pleasure? Check out such combinations:

  • herbal water, i.e. with fresh basil or lemon balm – it is best to pour water over herbs in the evening and drink the drink in the morning,
  • waterwith strawberries – simply add the fruit directly to the glass of water,
  • water withpineapple and mint – you can add the fruit both with and without the peel, the drink is ideal after a few hours of preparation,
  • water withraspberries – put the fruit in a tall glass of water, then add a few drops of raspberry juice, to enhance the taste,
  • water withcitrus – prepare it with pieces of orange and grapefruit,
  • water withcloves and lemon.
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