What to pack sandwiches in for work or school?

Casandra Greer
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In recent years, a healthy lifestyle has become very popular among Poles. This applies not only to adults, but also to children, who often copy the behavior of their elders

This is a very good trend, which in time should become the norm rather than a passing fad. Consequently, a healthy lifestyle involves self-made meals. There is no place in it for sweet candies and high-calorie snacks. Making your own second breakfast is a much healthier choice for both adults and children

What to look for when packing sandwiches?

Homemade meals are rich in flavor and vitamins. Most people choose sandwiches for their second breakfast. They are a great alternative to hot meals and are much easier to prepare. If you want them to taste as good outside the house as they do right after preparation, you need to pack them properly. Choosing the right material is crucial. It will allow to safely transport the food and maintain its taste and aesthetic properties.

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Sandwiches to go – what to pack?

Well packaged food retains its taste, smell, nutritional and aesthetic qualities. Badly prepared sandwiches with crushed ingredients inside are not a good idea. They do not encourage you to eat them. What can you pack your meals in? The most common choices include aluminium foil, breakfast paper, plastic bags and plastic boxes

  1. Aluminium foil

This is the material in which sandwiches are most often packed. It protects the second breakfast from drying out and getting damp. What is more, thanks to its properties the foil maintains the right temperature of the meal for a long time. It is flexible, the material is easy to adjust to the shape of the sandwiches, so they are not deformed after the journey

Packing meals in aluminium foil has many advantages. First of all, food is protected from adverse factors, and the packaging itself does not take up much space. A second breakfast can easily fit into a small backpack or handbag. The material is best suited for long journeys. It is advisable not to pack acidic products such as pieces of pickled cucumbers in aluminum foil, as it can give them a metallic taste

  1. Plastic bags

Pouches made of HDPE material are another common choice when packing a second breakfast. What makes them different from others? It’s worth knowing that HDPE has good water resistance, is impermeable, so it protects the inside of the bag or backpack from contamination, and also features moisture resistance

It is odorless and non-toxic, so it is safe for humans. Plastic bags can be used on their own, for example to pack cheese and ham sandwiches. If you have more toppings, it is recommended to first wrap the meal in aluminum foil, and then secure the package with a foil pouch. There are products on the market with special clips that allow you to close the package, making it effective in protecting the second breakfast from drying out

  1. Paper bags

Paper bags used to be very popular. Parents used to pack their children’s second breakfast in them, which usually consisted of sandwiches and fruit. Nowadays, the material provides protection for meals from drying out. It is especially recommended for bread and rolls, because it protects them from getting soggy and appearing soft

Sandwiches packed in paper bags retain their freshness and crunchiness even after several hours of preparation. They are not recommended for meals with wet toppings, such as tomato or cucumber, because they can stain the inside of your backpack or bag

  1. Lunch box

Both lunch boxes and disposable plastic containers are available on the market. We advise you to choose the former because they are reusable and do not generate as much waste. The main advantage of plastic containers isprotection of sandwiches from mechanical damage. They are the only ones of the mentioned packages that give this type of guarantee. Lunch boxes come in different sizes depending on individual needs. They provide vegetables with high nutritional value, because the lack of oxygen prevents oxidation of vitamins

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