Packing your suitcase for a trip – do it quickly and efficiently!

Casandra Greer
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Vacation trips are associated not only with relaxation, but also with packing your belongings and those of your family. Organization is quite a challenge, especially when you are going for a few weeks accompanied by children.

Your vacation trip will surely turn out to be much more enjoyable if you keep a few rules in mind. Packing in chaos will only bring you frustration and unnecessary upset. The most important thing is to set aside enough time and not to put off organizing your bags until the last minute.

Plan your trip

Packing in peace will prevent you from taking several sets of the same thing. First of all, find out the temperature of the place you plan to go. If your destination is warm countries, focus on making sure most of your closet is summer. Write down exactly how many pants, shorts, or shoes you are packing.

This plan will give you a better idea of how many things you packed and which you should add. If you actually leave the packing to a few hours before you leave, you might end up with unnecessary items in your suitcase that take up space pointlessly. Prepare yourself a space that will allow you to arrange your clothes freely.

A recipe for efficient packing

1.As you are forming your departure plan, make a note of everything you think you need to take. Your phone will definitely be best for this purpose. You can shorten and modify the list at any time. This will help you avoid the anxiety caused by poor preparation and the thought that you might have forgotten something.

2. The best way to place clothes in your suitcase is to roll them. This will save you a lot of space and prevent things from getting crushed. Also, rolled socks will make great use of empty space.

3. If you are a fan of shiny accessories for your outfit, you can put the ones made of delicate material in a sock and put the sock in your shoes. You will prevent your precious earrings or bracelets from getting crushed and you will efficiently occupy the empty space inside your shoes with your socks. Besides, if you have decided to take short, butterfly clasp earrings with you, you can use an empty pillbox to transport them and put the ornaments in their stiffened places.

4. Label your bag so you can easily identify it at the airport or pick it out from the jumble of bags in the bus trunk. Personalized key chains or colorful ribbons work best. However, avoid choosing a ribbon in red, as many people opt for this color.

5. The order in which you pack your clothes is very important. Place the clothes and toiletries that you will want to use on the first night on top. We often arrive at our vacation destination late in the evening or at night and don’t have the energy to unpack our suitcase to find a towel or toothpaste.

6. Try to take a picture of the contents of your suitcase before you leave. If you plan on taking a lot of valuables, this activity will allow you to possibly retrieve your suitcase if it is lost and give you a rough estimate of its value.

7. When traveling by plane, it is necessary to protect liquids and pack them in 100 ml bottles. You can get such containers in drugstores. Stick on the bottle information about what liquid is inside.

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