How do I pack my cosmetics in my suitcase?

Casandra Greer
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Do you want to pack your suitcase quickly and efficiently? When you are going to the seaside, hiking in the mountains or just want to spend time out of town, you will certainly need basic cosmetics and daily hygiene products. Check how to pack them so that they do not take up much space.

Preparing for Your Trip, or Packing Your Cosmetics in Your Suitcase

If you are only going away for a few days or you will be flying, it is a good idea to pour shower gel, lotion and other cosmetics into smaller containers. This way, you won’t have to carry a heavy suitcase and you’ll pass through airport security if you keep the amount of individual liquids to 100 ml.

Even before packing, get your toiletries ready. It’s best if you use two different ones: one for the products you use for makeup, and one for everything else. Get a clear container with a cap.

Put the products you want to take with you in one place. This way you will avoid adding more.

Packing cosmetics for your suitcase

You can fit mascara, eyeliner, powder and eye shadow in a small, rectangular makeup bag. Ideally, it should be made of a soft material that will adapt to the other things in your suitcase and not take up a lot of space.

Small items such as a travel hairbrush, toothbrush or other accessories, pack together, for example, in a bag that you use every day to store food. This can then be stowed in a pocket inside your suitcase. Ear buds, which you use to touch up your makeup, can fit in a small zipper bag.

Put shampoos, gels and lotions in small containers, preferably with a dispenser. Store them in a transparent food-grade ziplock bag. You can also put them in a larger cosmetic bag together with deodorant and perfume.

Remember to label each container. You can use ordinary labels and a marker for this.

A few tricks for packing your cosmetics in your suitcase:

  • if you have powder or eye shadow, protect it with a cotton swab inside the container so it won’t break,
  • instead of a traditional toothbrush, get a special folding design from the drugstore to save space,
  • each package with a cap can be additionally secured with food wrap under the cap,
  • nail polish can be sealed with cling film or wrapped in a small towel,
  • you can pour face foundation into small containers intended for cream,
  • instead of a whole tube of face cream, take samples with you (but if you have sensitive skin, it is better not to use new cosmetics on a trip, so as not to have an allergic reaction).

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