How do I strip my hybrids at home? The proven way!

Casandra Greer
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You can list a lot of advantages of hybrid manicure. Despite this, it also has its drawbacks, and one of them is the removal of the polish.

It seems to be an easy process, but usually ends up damaging the nail plate or destroying it. Under no circumstances should you pull the polish off by force. Below we show you how to quickly and easily remove the hybrid.

How long does it take to remove a hybrid manicure?

A hybrid manicure should stay on your nails for about 3 weeks. Usually such durability is guaranteed by manufacturers of cosmetics. After this time polish may come off, lose adhesion or fog up. Nails are also growing, so after such a time the growths start to be very visible

Of course, if you don’t mind, you can file your nails from the top to shorten them. However, this will cause us to remove the top protective layer of nail polish, so it will lose its adhesion and start to come off faster. The time to take off the hybrid manicure comes after about 20 days

Taking off hybrid at home – step by step

Taking off a hybridat home is not the most difficult, although it is time-consuming. Many women prefer to simply wait until the polish starts coming off. A lot of people also try to pull off hybrid manicure by force. This is a very big mistake. Nails are delicate, so it is not worth to strain their plate. Below we have described step by step how to properly remove hybrid nail polish.

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  1. Matting

At the beginning, the nails should be matted with a file or a polishing block. Do not file the varnish hard, as this can damage the nail structure. This risk is real, especially if you use a sharper file. The safest option is to use a coarse polishing block. It should completely remove the base coat protecting the polish.

Why is it so important? Nails should be prepared for stripping. Acetone will not be sufficiently absorbed by the base coat. Only removing the base will allow the polish to soak in well enough.

  1. Soaking the polish with remover

Step two is to soak cotton balls in acetone, apply them to the nail plate, and then wrap them in aluminum foil. This is not the easiest thing to do. It is very difficult to maneuver your hands when the fingers of your entire right hand are wrapped in aluminum foil.

For this step, it is advisable to equip yourself with special foils, which are designed for removing hybrid varnish. These are very small pieces of aluminum foil equipped with pieces of cotton balls stuck to it. The acetone applied on them is absorbed into the nail very quickly, the cotton balls do not move, and the activity takes about 10 minutes.

  1. Removing the hybrid

After 10-15 minutes, remove the foil from the nails. If the base was completely pulled off, after this time the polish should start to roll under the cotton ball. Now you have to remove it completely. In this step you need to help yourself with a nail polish remover. This is a metal accessory with a flat, sharper end on one side. It serves mainly for this purpose, it is also helpful in removing cuticles

With the pick we crush varnish, which still remains glued to the plate. Do it gently, do not struggle with smaller pieces of polish, which are still stuck to the nail, otherwise you can damage the nail plate or slow down its growth. Remove any remaining polish with a fine-grained polishing block

  1. Nail care

Nails and cuticles are not in the best condition after removing hybrid nail polish. Acetone in particular dries out the skin. It is the best time to use moisturizing nail and cuticle oil. Its task is to strengthen the plate and moisturize the cuticles. Thanks to its action, nails will not break and split, and cuticles can be removed less often

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