Automatic or traditional curling iron? Which one to choose?

Casandra Greer
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Beautiful and long-lasting curls are the hairstyle every woman dreams of. However, you often lack the time for such styling or wonder what equipment you should use so as not to damage your hair. How do I make my curls look gorgeous all day long?

You want to look special every day. But this often takes a lot of time, which is scarce these days anyway. A hair curler certainly makes it easier for you. The hair curler is a small styling aid, with which you can quickly create soft waves or bouncy springs on your head. In this article, we tell you which curling irons to choose so that you always have the desired look

What types of curling tongs are there?

There are many different types of curling irons on the market. And manufacturers are racing to see who will come up with a more effective, safe and giving the desired effect in less time. Still the most popular curling iron is the traditional curling iron. It usually has a roller with a diameter of 15-38 mm. Additionally, it is equipped with a clip, which makes it easier to hold strands of hair while curling. The set often comes with replaceable ends. This allows you to bettermatch it to your hair or the effect you want to achieve. With this curling iron, you can easily curl strands of any thickness and also make curls of different shapes

When choosing this curling iron, you have to keep in mind that you must not curl wet hair. They must always be completely dry. Otherwise, you can burn them. It is also a good idea to practice the curling action itself before heating up the curling iron to avoid burns later. You do not have to worry about them if you decide to buy an automatic curling iron. It is currently the most modern and convenient curling iron on the market

Its technology allows it to wind your hair on a roller by itself. And the curls on the entire length of the strand are then the same. However, in this case we can not replace the tip with another one, we have only one. The price of such a curling iron is also usually several times higher than a traditional curling iron.

How does the automatic curling iron work?

The automatic curling iron is a hair styling device that winds the hair itself onto a curling iron. It does this in such a way that each strand of hair is curled in the same way. Its modern housing is equipped with a heating chamber – made of material that keeps the hair safe – and a motor that is responsible for automatically curling the strands. Using this curling iron is completely safe. In addition, it is very convenient. Thanks to its innovative grips, your curls look like they were made by a professional hairdresser. However, you do not need special skills to use it, because the device will do everything for you. The automatic curling iron is a great idea for anyone starting to learn how to curl their hair

If you don’t like curling your hair the traditional way, you associate it with a tedious and lengthy process, and you are not always happy with the results, the automatic curling iron will certainly put a spell on your curling thoughts. With this modern appliance, you don’t run the risk of tangling your hair or damaging it with excessive heat. Even if you do something incorrectly, the device will let you know

What to look for when choosing a curling iron?

Before you choose the best curling iron for you, first consider the effect you want to achieve. On this point, the tips of the device should focus your attention the most. If you like a uniform effect then an automatic curling iron is better for you , whereas if you like to play around with the shape then go for a traditional curling iron. To take care of the condition of your hair, check the top cover. In case you are concerned about the health of your hair, then go for an automatic curling iron

All people with hairdressing skills will be better off with a manual curling iron, while beginners will be better off with an automatic one. Next, check what additional features the curling iron you want to buy has and see if those are the ones you care about. This could be ionization or temperature control, for example, but also many others

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