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Casandra Greer
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After months full of natural colors it’s time for freshness and a breath of optimism. Nails in spring 2021 will be full of pastel colors and unusual patterns. We have chosen the TOP 5 trends that dominate the spring manicure.

Autumn and winter are the colder seasons, which are reflected in the trends. This season is usually dominated by neutral and dark colors. Spring is a time of change and higher temperatures. The weather outside the window makes you smile and manicures become bolder day by day. The year 2021 brings many changes in this field. Some spring trends will be really noteworthy. It is time to emphasize your image with colors on your nails. Pastel colors such as lilac purple, pistachio and an intriguing manicure called wavy nails have conquered social media!

Wavy nails – the spring nail of the season

Wavy nails are also called swirl nails. They are the hit of this spring. This unusual manicure consists of wavy patterns painted on the nails. It is recommended to mix colors and thickness of lines, the more of them, the better. What colors will work this season? Without a doubt lilac purple, baby blue and green pistachio

Wavy nails look best on natural plates. If you are not a fan of such solutions, apply snow-white polish as a base. It will expose the coloured shapes, and pastel colors go well with it. You can do wavy nails using any method. Regardless of whether you choose a hybrid, gel or classic manicure, it will look just as amazing!

Graduated manicures or gradient nails

Gradient nails are another extremely popular nail art. Spring 2021 will be rich in them. This type of manicure is considered to be an improved version of ombre, except that in this case, each nail is painted a different shade of the same color. The colored nails one after another represent a smooth transition of colors, and the end result resembles a rainbow.

In spring, trendy are gradient nails in gray-blue, beige-pink and yellow-orange. On our side we recommend to go wild and choose shades of juicy orange and sunny yellow. Their advantage is that they are very easy to do. You have to choose 5 or 10 lacquers in a similar color range. Then the lightest varnish covers the thumb or little finger, and each subsequent nail you paint a slightly darker color, gradually moving to the darkest

Manicures with floral patterns

There is no more cheerful motif than flowers on your nails. In spring 2021 will be extremely popular. Pastel, floral patterns and naturalness will dominate this year’s season. Almost any design will look good on the natural nail plate. A base coat is not required at all! We especially recommend to choose a manicure in monstera and cactus. Patterns look great in trendy colors such as light green or pastel yellow. They are a great choice for spring

Flowers on nails can be done in several ways. One of the easiest is to buy stickers designed for hybrid manicure. On the dispersion layer of nail polish, apply the chosen shape, then cover it with a top coat and cure in a UV lamp. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes and the effect is amazing

Rainbow manicure with energetic colors

Don’t like pastel colors? Do you feel bad in bright nails? In spring 2021 you don’t have to choose bright colors to be fashionable. Most nail styles are subtle, but there is a way for you to express yourself through color. We are talking about rainbow manicure. Spring nails look great in intense colors. How to do it? You should choose a few colors of polish. From our side we recommend a combination of intense pink, aquamarine, orange and soft yellow. Then on each nail you create the so-called rainbow, that is, paint along or across the plate different colored lines. We recommend to use a thin brush, subtle lines look better and more interesting

Opt for one color

Spring nails are not only crazy patterns and colors, but also delicate manicure. They match almost every style and are relatively easy to do. What are the most fashionable shades this season? Pastels of course! While lilac manicures conquered the catwalks, pistachio will be the season’s biggest hit. We recommend this one for our list

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