Aerobics at home without equipment – an instant workout

Casandra Greer
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Still dreaming of the perfect figure? If you got discouraged by long trainings and the gym is not for you, it’s time to try aerobic exercises at home! Are you curious how they look like and what effects they bring? Read the article!

Getting back in shape is not an easy task. It takes a lot of self-denial, patience and good will. Muscles are built very slowly, it is a time-consuming activity, but fat tissue is reduced much faster. Doing these exercises, you will certainly manage to lose a few kilos!

Take small steps towards your goal

Are you considering going to the gym but you are embarrassed about the first time? Everyone has gone through this. Try encouraging someone close to you to join you. You’re sure to find a group fitness class you like in the gym schedule. It’s not true that you need special machines to lose weight. You can do your workout at home with minimal equipment. It can be training rubbers, which you can buy for a small price in online stores.

With a little creativity, you will also find that your home is filled to the brim with items that you can use. A great exercise weight can be a few kilograms of dog food, a kilogram of sugar or flour. Looking for specialty dumbbells? Help comes in the form of one-liter water bottles, which are great for this role.

Training at home has many advantages. First of all you save money since you don’t pay for a gym membership. By exercising at home, you save time on the commute, during which you would have to deal with traffic jams during rush hour. You can exercise at any time of the day or night! Most gyms close at a specific time, which can add disorganization to your schedule. There are times when a single machine is swarmed by several people, a line forms and you can’t do your workout in peace. And above all, you don’t have to stress about the fact that someone is watching you. When you work out at home, you can put on your favorite music and not worry about the presence of others!

Instant workout at home

If you’re discouraged with hour-long workouts it’s time for a few-minute slimming workout. We are talking about interval training, consisting of intense effort maintained for a long time. The premise of the workout is to combine high intensity with moderate intensity. You won’t burn off a bar of chocolate in just a few minutes of training, but it will certainly be a step in the right direction. No more excuses about not having time to workout during the day. Remember that exercise will not have a spectacular effect without combining it with diet. Pay attention to the contents of your plate and evaluate its calorie content. Avoid fried foods, foods high in carbohydrates, highly processed foods or juices that are heavily sweetened

Workout for burning

Begin your workout with a warm-up lasting about half a minute. Warm up and stretch all of your joints. Start with head circles. Do jumping jacks, bends, hip circles and full body circles. The most important part of the workout takes exactly 6 minutes, after finishing each exercise, rest by marching at a fast pace for 15 seconds. Raise your knees high while doing so, remembering to engage your arms steadily. Then lie down on your mat, concentrating on breathing evenly. Lie on your side, bend your knees, support yourself with one hand on your elbow, and tighten your abdominal muscles. Lift your hips upward, controlling your exhalation at the same time, then lower your torso downward. Perform the exercise with attention to the correct technique. The shoulder blades should be tightened, the ribs should be lowered, and the shoulder should not be pushed forward at any time

The next exercise will be a squat with a toe-up. Watch the exact spacing of the legs, do not hunch and pull the buttocks. After a moment of rest in the march perform jumps from one side to the road, remember about the work of hands. The next exercise is to perform a plank, the so-called planck. Assume a horizontal position in which you support yourself on your arms, straightened at the elbows, legs slightly apart, abdominal muscles and buttocks tense. Take care not to lift your bottom too high with this exercise.

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