How to decorate a bathroom in New York style?

Casandra Greer
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New York style is mainly associated with elegant, luxurious interiors. We can confidently introduce such an arrangement into the bathroom. This room in the New York style is an original and original idea. We suggest how to decorate a bathroom kept in this style.

Characteristics of the New York style

This style is primarily the high quality of materials used for arrangement, as well as exclusive interiors. Walls in the bathroom should be covered with stone or mosaics, which will be an additional decoration of the room. It is worth using marble here, which will give the interior a New York character.

When arranging a bathroom in New York style, in addition to the obvious elegance, you can not forget about the practical aspects. If the space is large enough, it is worth placing two washbasins in the bathroom. They will allow you to achieve the desired symmetry in this style, and also increase the functionality of the room.

Colors in New York style

It is best to bet in such a bathroom on subdued, subtle colors. All shades of beige and white will work best. However, if you want stronger colors, bet on bottle green or saturated burgundy. Intenser colors should be smuggled into the room in all kinds of accessories, such as towels or candles. As for the wall colors – bright hues will optically enlarge the room.

Ceramics in the bathroom in the New York style

Here, too, you should be guided by the high quality of all elements. A washbasin, preferably a countertop one, can have any shape. When it comes to the bathtub, freestanding or widely built-up models will look the best. The whole bathroom fixtures should refer to luxury, so that we can feel in the bathroom like in a SPA.

Bathroom furniture

It is worth to combine here white color with marble, characteristic for the New York style. Bathroom furniture should have a simple form, but look as elegant and luxurious as possible. If you want to find a good furniture store, Warsaw is the city where you will find a store with furniture perfect for your New York bathroom.

Stylish furniture will also work well here, namely cabinets on curved legs, streamlined shapes, as well as milled cabinet fronts. Decorative handles will also look interesting. They will refer to the New York style of the past, at the same time accentuating the elegant character of the interior.

Accessories in New York style

Shiny materials will fit best into the character of such interior. It is worth betting on a large mirror, which will additionally optically enlarge the interior. It should be framed in a highly ornamented frame. The bathroom should also contain elegant sets, i.e. soap containers, hangers for toilet paper and towels. Nickel-plated hooks and dispensers are a characteristic feature of the New York style. In such an interior it is also worth betting on decorative trays, on which you can set scented candles. Vases full of flowers will look beautiful on marble countertops.


In a New York style bathroom, the lighting must not only be functional, but also stylish and elegant. The best choice will be nickel-plated lamps, silver lamps and lamps with white glass shades. It is best if the lampshades are simple, without additional decorations. Most often their main decoration is a nickel-plated frame, on which they are mounted. However, the main light, which is the ceiling lamp, is not everything. Additional light will complete the arrangement. It is best to hang wall sconces on both sides of the mirror.

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