Tiles, mosaics, panels – possibilities of interior decoration

Casandra Greer
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Looking for a way to decorate your apartment? We suggest which tiles, mosaics
and panels to choose. Read before you buy.

Tiles for the kitchen

Well-chosen and functional wall tiles for the kitchen will not only protect the wall against dirt from cooking, but can also give the interior a unique character. It is worth choosing tiles, which will enrich the space with aesthetic qualities and will perfectly match the furniture and equipment. The market offers designs in various aesthetics: classic, glamorous, futuristic, eclectic or Scandinavian. They can have a woodgrain, matte or glossy finish. When buying tiles, choose models that are easy to maintain and have a good reputation for durability. You can find a wide selection here: https://dunin.eu/kategoria-produktu/mozaiki-i-plytki/

Tiles for the bathroom

Choosing tiles for your bathroom is not as simple as it may seem. The ideal tiles should be pleasing to the eye, trendy, non-slip, easy to care for and durable. What colors and textures work best in your home? White or beige, and at the same time smooth and minimalistic, so that they optically enlarge the interior? Or maybe multi-coloured, in several shades of blue, like the ever-changing sea? If you like raw interiors, remember that gray, concrete-like tiles and stone imitation models are now in fashion. Glass tiles, which are resistant to moisture and temperature, are also very popular. There are plenty of shades to choose from so don’t limit yourself. If you want your bathroom to stand out, go for tiles with more imaginative shapes than the standard square, rectangle or hexagon. For an elegant bathroom, marble tiles that conduct heat well are a great choice. If you need more inspiration, check out the offer of the Polish company DUNIN: https://dunin.eu/kategoria-produktu/mozaiki-i-plytki/plytki-do-lazienki/


An interesting alternative to tiles, can be a mosaic. These are small tiles made of small elements of different colors, textures and shapes. The most popular mosaics are made of glass, stone, metal, wood or ceramics. They are perfect for creative and demanding people, because they provide unlimited possibilities in creating patterns. If you want to stand out, thanks to a mosaic you can create interesting geometric arrangements or get a three-dimensional effect such as quilted wall. Only your imagination limits the way you arrange your walls and floors. Perhaps you will be interested in arabesques – a good way to introduce to the kitchen atmosphere of warm Morocco. You can find a large selection of multicolored as well as single-colored mosaics here: https://dunin.eu/kategoria-produktu/mozaiki-i-plytki/mozaiki-do-kuchni/

Decorative wall panels

Wood-resistant panels can be used in any room and can be painted as desired. They can be used on walls, ceilings or as decoration of furniture niches. When choosing a model, make sure that the panels are light and do not weigh down the walls. It is also worth paying attention to whether they are easy to cut and install. White panels will certainly be a beautiful decoration of classic interiors

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