3 tricks for keeping your drawers tidy

Casandra Greer
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Drawers and their contents are the bane of many a housewife. It is difficult to keep drawers tidy and effectively encourage household members to do the same. Unfortunately, the contents of our home drawers often resemble a battlefield against our will. The daunting task of keeping them tidy can be made easier with a few simple patents. See what tricks will help you keep your drawers tidy.

DIY underwear organizer

Such an organizer can be made very easily and virtually free. From stiff paper or thin cardboard cut strips of width equal to the height of your underwear drawer. Roll the cut strips into a circle and pin together with a staple gun. Attach the finished circles additionally to each other so that the organizer will stick together and its elements will not fall down in the drawer. With this organizer you can easily keep all your lingerie sets and singles in order, from tights and bras to men’s thongs

The size and width of the circles, you can adjust to what you want to fit in each compartment. Thick tights will need more room than delicate lacy panties, so feel free to adjust the organizer to your needs. For smaller items like baby underwear and socks, you can make an organizer out of toilet paper rolls!

Organizing kitchen drawers

The kitchen also has no shortage of drawers where chaos can reign. In addition to cooking utensils, kitchen drawers usually hold spices and side dishes. Small, individual packets of spices and herbs often make for a disorganized drawer, and at the bottom of the drawer is a truly explosive mix of all the spices that have been in the drawer for the past year. Using small hooks and rubber bands, you can easily organize your spices

Screw hook s into the sides of the drawer and hang rubber bands from them. Place packets of spices and herbs between the rubber bands, those opened close to you, closed still bags, bought for stock, set in the depth. This will keep the bags of spices and herbs from falling over and scattering around the drawer, and you’ll be able to find what you need for your cooked dinner quickly and easily

Organising your bathroom drawers

Bathroom drawers hide many different and not necessarily cohesive items. Cosmetics, facial and body care tools, detergents, and sometimes even cleaning supplies. The bathroom is often a very versatile room, because they also serve as a laundry room, drying room and storage for cleaning products. Drawers can be easily reorganized with magnetic tape. Inside on the side wall of the drawer, stick amatching strip of magnetic tape. On such a tape you can attach all metal devices serving your beauty needs

Tweezers, scissors, pliers and brushes with metal caps can find their place right at the side of the drawer without taking up precious space of other necessary equipment. Not only will this trick keep your drawers organized, but it will also give you extra space for other essential items.

Although organizing drawer space can seem overwhelming, easy and inexpensive tricks can help you bring order to every drawer in your home. It’s worth taking advantage of patents that make life easier because they give you more time to enjoy life! Instead of wasting precious minutes in the morning looking for a pair of socks, take them out of the organiser, instead of prolonging the cooking of dinner by looking for basil or turmeric, you can have all your spice bags tidy and in view. Take advantage of our patents today – get to work!

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