What to feed a healthy cat?

Casandra Greer
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Just as in humans, in animals a healthy diet is the basis for proper body function. To keep your cat healthy and give it a long, happy life, you can’t neglect its nutritional needs. See what you should feed your cat to keep it healthy and always looking forward to playing.

Dry food

Dry food is in many cases the staple of a pet’s diet. For cats, this is not ideal. Cats drink very little water and get most of their moisture from their food. By feeding your cat only or mostly dry food, you risk your pet becoming dehydrated or developing kidney problems. Dry food should be a supplement to the diet. It can be given for play, such as in a sniffing mat or interactive toy. Intellectual stimulation is just as important to cats as exercise play. So use dry food to keep your cat entertained

When choosing a portion of dry food to meet your cat’s needs, consider that it is somewhat of a concentrate of wet food. Even in a small portion, you can provide your cat with all the ingredients it needs, and with subsequent portions cause excesses that lead to obesity and other health problems. Dry food must necessarily be grain-free, because the cat’s digestive system is not adapted to digest grain starch – gluten

Wet food

Meat, in the form of wet food, should be the base of your cat’s diet. Wet food provides cats with the water they need, keeps their stomachs full and doesn’t pose the same risk of overfeeding as dry food. Cats in the wild eat in small portions from a few to even a dozen times a day. A house cat should eat a minimum of two/three times a day, but if you try, feeding up to ten times a day is possible. Feed your cat after playing with a fishing rod or laser, so he can complete his hunting chain behaviors with satisfaction. Feed small amounts of food in toys and hidden in various corners of the apartment. However, remember to keep the bowls and other places where you feed your cat away from the litter box. A big plus to feeding your cat in different areas of the apartment is that cats don’t poop where they eat, so by feeding your cat food throughout the house, you lower the risk of your cat starting to do his business outside the litter box.

Wet cat food should be grain-free and high in meat. Meat in the form of cat food is not as calorific as dry crisps, so you can feed your cat larger portions without worry, but remember that the amount of food on the package should be adjusted according to factors such as your cat’s age, activity level, lifestyle, gender and whether it has been spayed or neutered. Most of the readily available and widely advertised foods are high-calorie, addictive, full of grains and cloggers cat fast food. The food your cat buys isn’t good or healthy for him at all, so read the ingredients of the food you want to give your pet, so it doesn’t turn out that there’s only 4% meat in it, like in many popular foods

BARF – feeding in harmony with nature

BARF, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, is a diet based on raw meat. Its premise is to provide the cat with a diet as close as possible to what it would eat in nature. Feeding cats raw meat is the best and healthiest diet for them, but it can be complicated for caregivers

The BARF diet is a good option for those with allergies, as the caregiver has complete control over what goes into their cat’s bowl. In addition, BARF is the most financially beneficial way to feed your pet. Ready-made foods have prices inflated by the cost of packaging, production, transportation, storage, etc.. BARF only requires us to regularly buy fresh meat, which can be ordered even in very large quantities for a lower price and frozen to feed to the cat for a long time

The only major expense you should prepare for at the beginning of your BARF adventure is to buy a whole set of supplements with which you absolutely must supplement your raw meat food. Supplements such as taurine, calcium, phosphorus, iodine and vitamins may cost a lot at the beginning, but they are used very little per portion of food, so one order lasts for a very long time, and supplementing the supply with individual supplements is not so expensive

Choosing the right diet for your cat is an individual matter. Ready-made canned and dry food is a much less time- and labor-intensive solution, while the BARF diet is a cheaper and better-fit alternative for your pet. Feeding your cat is crucial when it comes to its healthy, long and happy life. Do not underestimate the importance of feeding and do not condemn your cat to many serious diseases by your inattention and unwillingness to read the ingredients. Choose for your kitty what is best for him.

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