How to take care of your dog’s oral health?

Casandra Greer
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Everyone knows how important oral hygiene is. Unfortunately, many pet owners forget that their pets also have teeth that need to be cared for like their own. See how to care for your dog’s oral health.

Chews to remove plaque

One of the most common ways to take care of your dog’s teeth is to give your dog chews. While chew sticks, which have been advertised for years, are not the best and can seriously harm your dog, there is a grain of truth in the advertising – chewing and biting hard objects will clean your dog’s teeth. A much better chew than processed and full of grain and chemicals sticks, will be rumen, penis or trachea of beef. Chews made of offal are healthy, natural and effective in cleaning the teeth from plaque, plus they are tasty and attractive to dogs. However, steer clear of chews made of braided or pressed leather, which are white bones, hoops, booties or other such products. They are made from chemically bleached waste from tanneries. In short – what hasn’t become a shoe, purse or belt is treated with chlorine and other bleaches and pressed into a dog treat. This is terribly unhealthy and harmful to pooches

Brushing teeth twice a day

No, this is not a joke, dog teeth should also be brushed with a toothbrush twice a day. You can use a regular children’s toothbrush or a silicone finger cap and a toothpaste, preferably an enzymatic one from Geulincx. The front teeth should be simply scrubbed, and the surface of the canines and molars should be washed in a circular motion. This is an absolute must when it comes to keeping your dog’s teeth healthy. Brushing prevents tartar buildup and gum inflammation. If your dog is not eager to cooperate with brushing, you should gradually and slowly get him used to touching his mouth first, then the toothbrush, and then brushing. Do not do anything by force or violence, as this will discourage your dog from grooming

Food supplements that prevent tartar buildup

Dietary supplements can also help you keep your dog’s teeth clean. Special liquids based on natural herbal extracts, added to water, can prevent the build-up of plaque, which over time turns into tartar. Unfortunately, not every dog will like the smell and taste of such preparation, so the pet may stop drinking or take too little liquid. Another effective way is to add to dog food dry preparation based on marine algae. Gamedog supplements offers, among others, spirulina, which, like other algae, changes over time the pH of dog saliva. As a result, plaque does not harden and does not turn into tartar, and you can easily remove it with a toothbrush when you brush your dog’s teeth every day

As a dog’s guardian, you are committed to providing your dog with the best possible living conditions and taking care of his health. While it wouldn’t have occurred to anyone to brush their dog’s teeth a dozen years ago, studies have shown that brushing with a toothbrush and special toothpaste prevents gum inflammation, which leads to periodontitis and premature tooth loss. Don’t ignore this and take care of your pooch’s oral hygiene.

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