How to take good pictures with your phone? Concrete tips

Casandra Greer
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Many great moments we want to keep in memory for a long time. More and more such moments can be captured thanks to the cameras in the phone, which are always at hand. How to take pictures with your phone to get the best quality?

The role of technical parameters

Photos surround us from everywhere. A lot of credit for this goes to social media, which have created a fashion for publishing photos showing almost every sphere of life. The easiest way to get such lifestyle shots is to use the handy camera in your phone. However, in order for them to be developed or published on the Internet, they must have the appropriate quality, and this fully depends on the capabilities of the equipment that we have

Camera phone for taking pictures

On the cell phone market we can find several noteworthy models which will enable us to take perfect photographs not differing in technical terms from those taken with a professional SLR camera. The most interesting devices have built-in 2 or even 4 cameras with sensors with a resolution of up to 50 MP. In addition, they are equipped with optical image stabilization and many other facilities that affect the final effect of shooting. Remember that the number of pixels that manufacturers boast is not everything if you want to take good pictures with your phone. There are much more factors to be taken into account, including the aperture and its light transmission parameter or the presence of the HDR system (it allows you to create several shots with different parameters at the same time, so you can choose the best of them).

Light is key to the success of photos taken with the phone

The latest smartphones benefit from technologies that allow them to take beautiful photographs in a variety of situations. However, the vast majority of them still fail in limited light conditions. So if you plan on taking pictures after dark then it’s better to bring along professional equipment or learn the ins and outs of smartphone photography after dark

Night mode

The easiest way to improve the quality of photos taken in low light is to use the automatic night mode available in most devices. It will give you brighter and sharper shots with just one click. Unfortunately, this won’t solve all the problems; photos taken with the phone in this mode are slightly less detailed than when you make the settings manually

PRO Mode

Another way to get beautiful shots in low light is to use the Pro mode available on some models. Its main advantage is that you can control the ISO sensitivity and manually set the white balance and other parameters that affect the sharpness and quality of the shot.

Practical tips for taking pictures with your phone

Using the camera on your phone is child’s play. Just press the camera icon and that’s it. However, if you want to get really good photos, which can later be used to make an album or a painting on canvas, it is worth knowing a few proven tricks that will make this task easier.

Basic tips

  • Abandon automatic mode – it is known that taking pictures using automatic settings is the easiest and fastest, but it often does not give satisfactory results; using advanced shooting modes allows you to significantly improve the quality of the shots and does not require any manual changes – just use one of the configured shooting options.
  • Change the phone’s software – often the basic problem is not the technical shortcomings of the phone, but inappropriate software that limits the possibilities of our equipment. Then it is worth trying to change it for one of the available options, such as Google Camera. The application allows you to significantly improve the quality of photos (even in poorer lighting conditions), their detail and color saturation level
  • Use the manual mode – it seems to be the most difficult option, but also gives by far the best results; to use it properly, it is necessary to know the basic concepts of photography, so that you know what settings to change to get the optimal effect. Manual mode allows us to widely adjust settings such as ISO level, white balance, EV exposure level and focus level
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