How to take a photo for a proof by yourself with your phone?

Casandra Greer
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Probably all of us at some time had an ID card that we would love to get rid of. The main reason for this, in most cases, was the terrible photo, in which we looked terrible. Interestingly, most of us feel that the photos taken for the ID card at a professional photographer look bad. But there is a way!

Take a photo with your phone!

You need to remember just a few simple rules

  • the whole face and the upper part of the shoulders must be visible in the photo
  • your face should fill ca. 75% of the photo, look straight into the lens with a neutral expression (do not smile), if you wear glasses, you can take them off, so that they do not reflect light, your eyes and eyebrows must be visible, your face should be lit from all sides (photograph yourself in front of a light source);
  • you must not wear any headgear;
  • the photo must be taken on a bright, solid background, preferably white; you can use a white wall for this or use online generators, which will prepare the background for you
  • the photo must be sharp, with proper contrast and high quality;
  • the photo must be printed in size 35 × 45 mm

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