How to protect your home while painting?

Casandra Greer
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Do you want to carry out a small metamorphosis of the interior? Or maybe your wall needs minor touch-ups to cover up imperfections? Prepare properly for painting walls, so that there are no unpleasant surprises right after the renovation. See how to secure the apartment.

What areas do you need to protect?

When you have chosen the color of paint and you know how your wall will look like, it is time to prepare for painting. Drops of paint or fine dust during renovation work are unfortunately inseparable elements. Remember to protect:

  • the floor,
  • windows,
  • electrical sockets,
  • frames,
  • skirting boards.

How to protect the apartment during painting?

In order not to splash the floor with paint, you need to spread a durable and strong foil. You can also use cardboard, but make sure that it is tightly fixed to the floor. That way when you walk on it, it won’t change its position. Tape each section separately to the floor.

Also use the protective film to protect your windows. At home improvement stores, you will also find special products designed for windows and glass. Together with painter’s tape, you can also protect hard-to-reach places such as gaps between glass panes.

Electrical sockets, switches or door frames can be protected with the aforementioned painter’s tape.

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