6 ways to cut back on sweets

Casandra Greer
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Who among us does not have a weakness for sweets? We eagerly reach for chocolate or a candy bar. What can we do to limit them? It turns out that there are effective ways!

Sweets – not only children but also adults love them. And there is no need to deceive ourselves – hardly anyone who treats himself to a bar of chocolate stops at that. Most often we eat another one, and another one, until there is an empty wrapper left. Sweets are addictive, there is no doubt about that. Eating them in excess has a very negative impact on our health, and in addition it contributes to the appearance of extra, difficult to lose kilograms. But what to do when it’s so hard to stop yourself from eating something sweet?

Method no 1: choose fruit

Fruit is an ideal substitute for sweets. That is why it is worth reaching for them whenever you feel a desire for something sweet. Fruits are very healthy and some of them (e.g. banana) are filling. A good method is to get rid of all sweets from home and stock up on different fruits (to always have a choice) such as apples, pears, bananas, strawberries. After a few weeks you will surely notice that craving for a piece of chocolate or a candy bar appears less often or not at all. And better mood and slimmer figure will certainly motivate us to continue eating fruit. Besides, fruits are really tasty and nowadays you can find a lot of them in stores, so everyone can choose the perfect taste

Method no 2: dried fruit instead of crisps or sweet wafers

An ideal substitute for sweet wafers, crisps and other sweets are dried fruits. You can buy them in supermarkets or health food stores, or dry them yourself in the oven or using a mushroom drier. If you love to munch or snack during the day or while watching a movie, dried fruits are perfect

Method no. 3: love mint!

It is worth knowing that a great way to reduce the desire for sweets is the use of mint. Both mint tea and water with mint and lemon (perfect for hot days) or even mint gum will work in this case. Mint leaves can also be chewed. It is worth remembering that mint has not only a beautiful, refreshing scent, but also antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also fights numerous bacteria and improves the functioning of the digestive system. Interestingly, mint, just like lemon balm, has a calming and sedative effect, so it is perfect for e.g. a stressful day

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Method 4: Eat regular meals

We often reach for sweets when we are hungry and we are aware that we have some time left before the next meal. Therefore, if we want to give up sweets, it is worth taking care of regulating the time of eating particular meals. It is important to eat to your heart’s content, but not “under the cork”. Choose water to drink, not juices or fizzy drinks

Method 5: Eat more whole grains and cereals

A good way to cut down on sweets is to eat more whole grains, all kinds of groats and cereals. It is worth knowing that complex carbohydrates take longer to break down into simple sugar, so it takes longer for the sugar to reach the cells in your body. Therefore the appetite for something sweet will certainly be smaller.

Method no. 6: Make healthy candy bars or cookies

It is worth to think about substitutes of sweets. In this case, bars or cookies prepared from nuts, honey, oatmeal, sunflower seeds, raisins etc. will be perfect. They do not take a lot of time to prepare, you can freely modify them by adding healthy products that you like, and such a bar will not be another portion of sugar, but quite the opposite

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