Types of bread – which is the healthiest?

Casandra Greer
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Nowadays, many different types of bread are available in stores and bakeries. However, not all baked goods are of the same quality. You should be aware of this when you go to the bakery

Different types of bread

Bread can be divided into several categories. Their group depends on the flour from which they were made. The most common are wheat, mixed, buckwheat, rye and spelt breads. Consumers usually choose wheat, rye and mixed breads. Is this a good thing? About it in the following paragraphs

Bread sliced in foil

This bread is the bane of our times. It is available in every large supermarket. Fact, foil packaging and even slices are a great convenience for shoppers. On the other hand, this type of bread is particularly bad for our health. Bread is full of fats, sugars and preservatives, thanks to which it stays fresh for longer

Wheat bread

The most popular type of bread. It is extremely easy to digest, thanks to which it can be eaten by people who have digestive problems. What is more, it contains a large amount of fibre. We can distinguish two types of wheat bread: wheat bread (light) and wholemeal (dark)

If you decide to buy it, check its composition and whether it is made of wholemeal flour. Unfortunately, light bread is usually made of refined flour, which is made from one part of the grain – the endosperm. These types of products contain negligible amounts of nutritional value. Dark-colored bread is usually made from whole-wheat flour.

Sourdough bread

This is one of the healthiest varieties of bread. In this case, the bread is made with rye sourdough without the addition of yeast. The healthiest bread is the one to which oat bran has been added. They are responsible for regulating the work of the digestive tract. They provide a lot of energy without negative impact on body weight

Rye bread

Definitely the healthiest bread, although not everyone likes its taste. Rye bread belongs to heavy breads, containing a large amount of fiber, which regulates the work of the intestines. What is more, it is rich in vitamin B, which has a positive effect on the nervous system. Rye bread, thanks to the multitude of nutritional values is satiating for a longer time and slowly raises the level of glucose in the blood. Recommended for people on a diet

Gluten-free bread

Bread can be made of almost any type of flour. Nowadays, breads made with gluten-free flour, i.e. corn and buckwheat, are becoming more and more popular. Apart from the lack of gluten, their great advantage is the high content of vitamins A, D and E and fiber. Additionally, buckwheat flour is characterized by a high content of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and calcium. It also contains valuable amino acids which have a positive influence on heart function and immunity

How to choose the best quality bread?

We already know that the healthiest bread is rye bread. It is followed by gluten-free bread and bread made of wholemeal flour. Unfortunately, however, manufacturers more and more often add ingredients to bread which should not be there. When buying bread, first of all you should carefully read the labels

How to quickly find out which one is high quality?

  1. Read the composition. In real bread there should be only four ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast or leaven. If grains are additionally written in the ingredients – nothing happens. The problem arises when one of the ingredients is caramel or enhancers and preservatives marked with the letter E
  2. Do not buy bread which is packed in foil. It contains a lot of preservatives. What’s more, foil traps moisture and accelerates mold growth
  3. Pay attention to the weight of the bread. High-quality bread is usually heavier because it does not contain any raising agents or flavour enhancers. If you are looking for good wholemeal bread, this is an important aspect of its quality.
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