How to start practicing tennis?

Casandra Greer
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Tennis is associated with exclusivity. Entering its environment may seem relatively difficult. We suggest what you need to know before starting your adventure with this sport.

Choose the right racket

Poorly selected equipment can easily discourage a new player. Visit several stores and make an effort to test a few tennis racquets before buying. To begin with, reach for a lightweight model. Such a racket will be easier to maneuver, and it will also help you avoid wrist injuries. For beginners, it is recommended to choose from the 260-300 g range. 

Also pay attention to the tension of the strings. For a start, it is best to go for a model with low stiffness. It will require you to use less force when bouncing, since soft strings give off more power. Also note that a large racket head will make it easier for you to hit the ball. The larger the central part of the net, referred to as the “sweet spot,” the simpler it is to hit accurately and give more rotation. It is assumed that it is best to start your adventure with models of 93-95 inches. Before buying, also check what handle is most suitable for you.

Pay attention to footwear

Tennis is a sport in which the ability to make quick bursts plays a big role. It is thus important to have the right footwear in your equipment. As a beginner player, you need to watch out for joint injuries, which often result from ill-fitting shoes.

If you will be playing on a ground court, choose shoes with clay soles. Their tread is laid out in a herringbone pattern that will give you great traction. Also consider the cushioning system when choosing. Check whether you feel best in shoes with a foam or gel sole.

Don’t forget to reach for shoes with a good ventilation system. Moisture drainage is hindered in tightly built shoes, which can cause quick discomfort after just a few minutes of playing. Thus, choose footwear with breathable but durable mesh.

Is it worth it to ask someone for help?

If this will be your first exposure to tennis, it is best to ask for help from some advanced player or coach. You can find a lot of instructional videos on the Internet, but the initial training is good to be under the guidance of a professional. He will correct any mistakes, including those that are difficult to spot, being a novice. Take into account that unlearning bad habits is not an easy task. If you become accustomed to incorrect technique, you will stunt your development, and the game will not give you as much satisfaction. Training with a professional coach is usually not cheap, but it is worth the investment at least at the beginning of your tennis adventure.

Set a training plan

Tennis requires working many muscle parts. Matches last up to several hours, and each successive set will be a real test of your endurance. In addition to training on the court, it’s therefore a good idea to establish a proper diet and training plan at the gym. Conditioning, agility, as well as arm and leg strength are the most important elements you need to work on.

Determining the specific layout of exercises is entirely up to you. In doing so, you must be careful not to overload your body, but at the same time guard against taking too long breaks. Take into account that it is important to introduce cardio exercises into your plan. This can include running, swimming or cycling.

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