What can you do instead of watching TV?

Casandra Greer
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Most of us after school, work or daily chores sit in front of the TV. And you can and should spend your free time differently. How?

For years specialists have been warning that people spend too much time in front of the TV. And it is not that they watch stupefying programs, which are abundant on TV, but it is harmful to health. Several hours of almost no movement, often with a packet of crisps in hands – it does not bode well. That is why it is worth spending time in a different way. We suggest how!

1. A perfect walk at any time

Even a few minutes’ walk improves our mood and well-being. We can move, oxygenate and calm down. You can go anywhere: to the park, forest, and even walk in the neighborhood where we live. If we walk in the evening, we ensure ourselves a more peaceful sleep at night. It is also worth knowing that it allows you to relax, calm down, but it is also a time for much reflection. It is not without reason that a person who is struggling with a problem is recommended to take a walk, think calmly and calm down. A walk is the perfect opportunity to do this

2. Books – nothing develops the imagination like this

Even lovers of the best cinema must be aware that a book will always win over a film anyway. Reading, we create different images and stories for ourselves, while on the screen we accept what the director serves us – his vision. Besides, reading books develops not only imagination but also vocabulary. There are also more plots and stories than in a movie, which, as we know, has time limitations. The best method is always to read the book and then watch the movie. Then we have the opportunity to compare our visions, to those shown on TV

3. Growing a backyard or balcony garden

For many people home or balcony garden is a nuisance. And it’s a pity, because its cultivation can be great fun. It turns out that watching our plants grow and bloom, we feel satisfaction and learn responsibility. Besides, this is certainly a much more useful time spent than on the couch in front of the TV

4. Board games are not only for children!

There is a common belief that board games are entertainment only for the youngest. Wrong! On the market there are plenty of proposals for adults . We will find games that require agility, thinking, counting – there are plenty of them, so everyone can find something for themselves. Playing together also helps to improve interpersonal relations. Many families admit that this is a special time which they spend together, talking, laughing and, what is important, having fun

5. Jogging or cycling is healthy

Another healthy alternative to watching TV is sport. It can be jogging or cycling. We do not have to keep an eye on gym opening hours, buy special equipment or a pass. All you need is a bit of willingness and the right shoes and bike. We also need to bear in mind that while riding a bike, we can admire unusual landscapes, which we’ll never see from behind a car window. Sport improves our mood, promotes health and helps to get rid of excess weight. It has only advantages!

6. Crosswords are an exercise for the brain

Crosswords are a great entertainment, not without reason, they are very popular. They teach logical thinking, develop intellectually, increase knowledge and improve memory. And what’s more – they relax and allow you to forget about the problems of everyday life. An interesting fact is that… solving crosswords promotes weight loss. Well, our brain “works at full speed” and uses more energy, and thus – burns calories. Crossword enthusiasts claim that each solved puzzle is a source of satisfaction, and thus – improves our mood

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