The birth of the first child – what to buy?

Casandra Greer
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Before the birth of a newborn baby, it is worth buying a special layette. Try to think carefully so that you do not stock up on unnecessary things that only take up space. We have prepared a special list to help you with your shopping


First of all, stock up on disposable diapers and hygiene products before the baby is born. Pampers and wet wipes will come in handy. Hygiene should be taken care of from an early age and you should pay attention to the best quality of these products. It is good that they are anti-allergenic and intended for delicate skin. It will also be useful to have a washing product that is dedicated for newborns. Pay attention to the fact that it is natural and has the appropriate certificates. It is good if such a cosmetic has a simple composition and is hypoallergenic. In many cases, an anti-burn cream is also necessary, it has a protective function. Remember to buy towels after the bath. Very practical are those with a hood. Such articles can also include a changing table, because it is difficult to do without it. Many people also buy tetras, bamboo or flannel diapers

Baby corner

Often before a baby is born, a special room or corner is arranged for him. You need to buy the necessary things for it, such as a comfortable and safe crib. Put it in a good place, remembering that it should not stand near a window or a radiator. Also purchase a decent pillow for your baby. It should be made of non-allergenic material. Specialized models adjust to your baby’s head and ensure its correct positioning. They prevent flattening of the skull, to which newborns are exposed. You can buy such pillows in the Internet store:

Also adjust the corner to your convenience so that it is easy to move around and function in it. Spacious cabinets for clothes and other accessories will be useful. They will help you better organize your space and find your way in your new role. For example, you should invest in multifunctional furniture. You can also buy decorative items for the room, such as decorative canopies to hang over the bed. They come in different colors, so it’s easy to match them with your home decor. They give a cozy and peaceful character. Check them out at:

Useful accessories

A stroller and a car seat are essential accessories. If you don’t know how to choose them, visit a store with baby carriages in Warsaw. There they will help you choose the perfect transport for your child. You will see different models live and learn information about them from specialists. They will be happy to advise inexperienced parents who are waiting for the birth of their first child. When buying a stroller, do not forget about issues related to safety and comfort, because these are the most important matters when buying such equipment

Clothes for the newborn

Remember to buy the necessary clothes for the baby. Choose those made of natural materials, as they will be the safest for the newborn. Bet mainly on cotton clothes. They are recommended by many experts. Be interested in children’s clothing from Polish brands, because they often give a guarantee of quality. At the beginning it is worth to buy mainly bodysuits and pajacys with long and short sleeves, they are the most universal. It is worth betting on several pairs, in different sizes. Remember also to buy a cap and a warm overalls. Adjust these clothes to the prevailing season. Of course, you will also need socks and an unzipped sweatshirt.

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