What materials are suitable for furniture upholstery?

Casandra Greer
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Furniture can gain a unique character if different upholstery fabrics are used on it. Especially if you choose interesting patterns and colors, which are not difficult to find in this type of fabrics. So find out what fabrics are best for upholstering furniture.

What to pay attention to when choosing the upholstery fabric?

Let’s start with what to pay attention to while choosing the fabric for upholstery of a sofa, armchairs or chairs. The composition of the fabric is of course very important – the more natural fibres, the better. Check also the grammage of the fabric because the thicker and more durable the fabric is, the higher its grammage, that is density

Another important criterion is resistance to abrasion and fuzzing. In the case of low-quality upholstery, there is a risk that the cover will quickly wear out in places such as the seat, the sides and the folds of the furniture. Resistance to dirt is also important. So if you want your furniture not to be susceptible to dirt, then choose a stain-resistant fabric. Important criteria also include hydrophobicity, fade resistance of the fabric, tear and tensile strength, ease of cleaning, anti-bacterial, and increased scratch resistance if you have pets.

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Best fabrics for furniture upholstery

There are many different fabrics on the market for upholstering furniture, but which ones are the best? Learn about the properties of several of them


Altara is a very popular upholstery fabric, characterized primarily by its considerable softness and resistance to abrasion. Moreover, it is quite easy to keep it clean. It imitates suede fabric, which makes it very suitable for upholstery of living room furniture, as well as car seats. It is also worth mentioning that the prices of this material are very affordable.


A very popular upholstery fabric is also plush. Not without a reason, because this material is soft to the touch, shining and giving the feeling of coziness. This fabric works well in both modern and traditional decor. It can be used not only for upholstery, but also for curtains and decorative accessories, such as decorative pillows. The removable covers can be washed in 30 degrees


If you like exceptionally decorative fabrics with an exquisite look, then chenille is sure to appeal to you. It fits perfectly especially to classic interiors. It is also an ideal material for restoration of old furniture – it will be perfect for chairs, especially antique or imitating classic patterns. Chenille is a thick, strong fabric with a linen or gauze weave. Its advantage is resistance to damage. Unfortunately, its main disadvantage is the difficulty in cleaning serious stains, which should be washed off immediately with a damp, white or light cloth.


If you are dreaming of leather furniture, then sofa is a good choice. This material is nothing but artificial leather, very often used to upholster furniture. It is often used for upholstering furniture and is the material of choice for traditional and refined interiors, as it is very similar to genuine leather. It is characterized by high resistance to dirt and moisture. At the same time, it is easy to clean and maintain on a daily basis.

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